Thomas Kinkade Studios ‘Donald and Daisy – A Duck Day Afternoon’ Sweepstakes

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Donald and Daisy - A Duck Day Afternoon

Donald and Daisy - A Duck Day Afternoon

Congratulations to our Sweepstakes winner Matthew E. and thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway. If you didn’t win, be sure to order your own limited edition canvas of either Donald and Daisy – A Duck Day Afternoon! or any one of their other amazing painting.


Today at 1 pm Pacific (4 pm Eastern) Thomas Kinkade Studios announced on their Facebook page their latest Disney Collection release and we couldn’t be more excited about this painting. Thomas Kinkade Studios Legacy Artist Dirk Wunderlich and Karen Batista revealed Thomas Kinkade Studios’ latest painting Donald and Daisy – A Duck Day Afternoon!

You will definitely want to watch this video to hear more about this painting along with all of the other surprises from this broadcast. I loved hearing about some of the hidden details of this painting.

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Posted by Thomas Kinkade Studios on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Now Inside the Magic gets a chance to give this brand new painting to one lucky member of our audience in our latest Thomas Kinkade Studios Sweepstakes! As you watch the Facebook broadcast replay you will also learn how you can get your hands on a Free Sketch if you order your own painting anytime between now and August 27th. Click here for all of the details so that you can take advantage of this tremendous offer.

Donald and Daisy – A Duck Day Afternoon

As we shared, this is a brand new painting released today and it is the second painting in the Friendship Moments series that we announced in our Mickey and Minnie Lighthouse Cove giveaway.

Donald and Daisy - A Duck Day Afternoon

I love that this painting features Donald and Daisy as they take a selfie while the rest of the gang are playing volleyball on the beach behind them. The coastline is so beautiful and captures the sunset so well. If you can’t get to the beach yourself then the next best thing is to be there vicariously with Donald and Daisy Duck.

Giveaway Details

One lucky winner will receive a 12 x 18 Framed Limited Edition Canvas worth $750! You can enter using the form below. Be sure to use a good email address as that will be our primary way of contacting the winner.

Our Thomas Kinkade Studios giveaways are always very competitive. For that reason, we give everyone a chance to earn bonus entries after their initial entry. These bonus entries help improve the odds of those who are willing to put in a little extra effort. Pick and choose as many or few of these bonus categories as you like, and keep in mind some categories allow you to return and collect bonus entries daily.

More Disney Inspired Artwork

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Mickey and Minnie in Hawaii is one of my favorite pieces for so many reasons. First off who doesn’t want to be in Hawaii and this painting captures the Hawaiian vibe in a way only Thomas Kinkade Studios can. Of course, it helps that this is another painting that features Mickey Mouse.


Disneyland, 50th Anniversary
Thomas Kinkade Studios: Disneyland, 50th Anniversary 

For some, the appeal of Disneyland, 50th Anniversary will be that it’s less character-focused than other pieces in the Thomas Kinkade Studios Disney Collection. But one of the things I really appreciate is that when Thomas Kinkade painted this particular picture he included his own family in the crowd. I think that special touch makes this painting extra unique for Thomas Kinkade fans.

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Finally, I had to add some Christmas Magic to the list. Mickey’s Victorian Christmas was the most popular painting we’ve ever had to the privilege of giving away at Inside the Magic. With the start of the holiday season now only 3 months away I wanted to remind our readers of this special painting that captured the holiday spirit so well.

These 4 paintings are by no means the only Disney Collection paintings by Thomas Kinkade Studios. The collection has grown so much that you can find the Disney Character or location that best suits your interests and personality. Check out the full Disney Collection here.

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Giveaway Entry

Entering this giveaway is as simple as submitting the form below. Once you do this you will be entered. Next, be sure to return to this page and enter the giveaway using the same email address each day of the contest. This will allow you to collect more bonus entries for the tasks that we’ve set up to reward return visits. Before you know it you will have collected enough entries to move you ahead of the competition and improve your odds of winning.

Good Luck!

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