Comments for Thomas Kinkade Studios ‘Donald and Daisy – A Duck Day Afternoon’ Sweepstakes

Donald and Daisy - A Duck Day Afternoon

Donald and Daisy - A Duck Day Afternoon


  1. One of the most amazing works of Thomas Kinkade. Once again he transport us into the world of Disney. Thank you??

  2. I keep clicking to follow and to retweet the giveaway, but it is taking me to a page telling me to close the window – and it’s not giving me entries for it. Is it set up for mobile? Or desktop only?

  3. Dianna Thomas

    These are so amazing who wouldn’t love to have one

  4. Debra Johnson

    So who won????

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      Matthew E…whom we’ve sent an email to. Matthew if you are reading this please let us know so we can arrange to send your prize out.

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