Inside Princess Fairytale Hall as Cinderella, Rapunzel meet in new royal home at Walt Disney World, replacing classic dark ride

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What once was the classic dark ride Snow White’s Scary Adventures has now become Princess Fairytale Hall, the latest addition to the New Fantasyland expansion of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Most definitely a ride, Princess Fairytale Hall is the new regal home of Cinderella and Rapunzel along with a rotating cast of two other characters amidst a lavishly decorated, castle-themed environment.

Though it doesn’t officially open until September 18, attendees of the Disney Parks Blog meet-up last night as well as select media were offered access inside to explore the new elaborate meet-and-greet.

Video: Princess Fairytale Hall tour with Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora at Walt Disney World
(Video by Michelle Moss)

“Through the years dating to Walt’s time, fairy tales have always been a rich cornerstone of Disney storytelling,” said Chris Beatty, Creative Executive Director of Walt Disney Imagineering. “Princess Fairytale Hall carries on our tradition of bringing classic Disney fairy tales to life in new and unexpected ways.”

Stone walls, ornate chandeliers, and plenty of princess portraits line the walls of Princess Fairytale Hall, all focal points after passing by Cinderella-themed stained glass windows on the way in.

Guests choose between two queues: one for Cinderella and a visiting princess or one for Rapunzel and a visiting princess. As the story goes, the Magic Kingdom is officially home to Cinderella, naturally since her castle is there, as well as Rapunzel, who now has a “Tangled” themed area on the outskirts of Fantasyland. The rest of the princesses are “visiting,” holding court inside this new area.

The Royal Gallery offers waiting guests air conditioned comfort while browsing the large portraits of each princess that may be inside, even including Ray the Firefly and what may be a first look at his belle Evangeline flying next to Tiana.

Before arriving into the princess chamber, guests can marvel at Cinderella’s glass slipper, glimmering brightly.

When it’s time for the big moment, guests are ushered into the royal chambers. Cinderella in one reception room and Rapunzel in the other are each joined by one other Disney princess. Royal visitors might include Aurora, Snow White, Tiana, Jasmine or Mulan.

Each chamber features framed paintings fairytale landscape and a table with a set of storybooks that bear the titles of fairytales in the language of the original tale. And one of the books is open, Snow White, a tribute to the ride that was formerly in this location.

Princess Fairytale Hall is a well themed addition to the Magic Kingdom, but somehow feels like more of the same. Losing a classic dark ride never sits will among Disney fans and to replace it with a fairly basic meet-and-greet makes the happening even less appealing. Fortunately the much larger Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is being built nearby, expected to be an even grander adventure into the world of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” than has been seen before.

FastPass+ and traditional FastPass are both in use in Princess Fairytale Hall, along with a standby queue. And with the Princesses having moved out of the Town Square Theater, a vacancy opens up new opportunities for other character meet and greets in the future of the Magic Kingdom.


  1. Chaz

    2:48 “Like what they’ve done with my ride? . . . Yeah. Neither do I.”

    But in all seriousness, the Meet & Greet is better than what I’d feared it might be. I’m especially a fan of all of the portraits at the beginning. And it’s an interesting twist the way they justify this being Cinderella and Rapunzel’s home. I love all of the other hidden gems here as well including the slipper, the fairytale books, and Snow White’s book as well.

    I’ll wait and see how the Mine Train turns out before I decide whether or not this was a fair trade.

    1. EricJ

      Yeah, was about to make the “What ride, y’mean the one that’s going to geographically annex half of New Fantasyland next year?” joke. 😉

      Normally, I always worried that Snow White tended to be “forgotten” among the post-Renaissance Princess marketing, A) because she seems so outdated with her 30’s look and voice (and harder for the face performers to bring off), and B) her old-school “sweetness” might’ve embarrassed the more proactive marketing vision the company was trying to bring off with Tiana, Rapunzel and Belle.
      But she’s got qualities of her own, darnit, and marketing’s been doing a better job of bringing her story in line with the others–Yes, she cleans and cooks, but she’s GOOD at it, so there!

      1. Jeff Lynch

        Snow White’s specialness to me was always her ability to get animals to do things for her. I think that’s pretty special. Cinderella had that too, with her mice and birds.

        I hope Snow White and the Evil Queen appear somehow in the Mine Train ride.

        1. Chaz

          The recent Live Chat on Disney Parks Blog with the Imagineers pretty much confirms we will see Snow White at some point in the ride, and definitely suggests that the Evil Queen may appear.

  2. Juli

    I’m curious now if since its possible for Jasmine and Tiana to visit here now if they will be losing their Meet & Greets in the other areas. I like being able to have Prince Naveen visiting with Tiana and Aladdin and Jasmine together in Adventureland.

    1. disneyphilip

      Jasmine and Tiana are not going to PFH.

      1. That’s not what I’ve heard. Jasmine is going to PFH, to be replaced by Genie in Agrabah. I’ve heard Tiana is going as well, which means Naveen is leaving.

  3. Marc Morini

    Still not 100% sure how I feel about this……I hope for its sake that it does well, but I still have my doubts.

  4. Sharon Jones

    I can’t wait to see Cinderella again. I saw 4 princesses in the main street theatre and I loved it. I only went to see Cinderella, so the PFH is going to be wonderful.

    1. EricJ

      I can remember the Hall came out of their Disney-moms consultations, and one of the things they found was that the reason for the mania over Princess dining taking over -both- castles was that most casual Disney parents literally–LITERALLY–didn’t know their little girls could meet the princesses outside of the breakfasts….Sure, let’s wander over to Mickey’s County Fair and meet Cinderella and Aurora in their pretty dresses! 😉 (The Town Square Theater was a step up, but still seemed out of place.)
      I don’t think this will alleviate crowds at the castle restaurants, but anything that might help bring back “our” old Norway Akershus again, I’m in favor of.

  5. dumurin

    Why not Ariel and Belle???

    1. patreiche

      They will have their own locations with their rides. Just can’t believe Snow White has been demoted to an other Princess. She is my granddaughter’s favorite.

      1. Jeff Lynch

        Heaven forbid anything upset your granddaughter.

  6. John

    It makes sense to showcase the other princesses since they have a lot invested in them. Many people don’t like change and that is understandable but from what I hear the seven dwarfs mine ride is going to be amazing so maybe that will compensate a bit for the other changes being made.

    1. Jeff Lynch

      I don’t understand the hatred directed against the Mine Train ride on a lot of Disney fan sites. A lot of people have a big agenda to hate that ride, I think just because they hate change. It’s really sad to me.

      Personally, I love Snow White and am excited for the Mine Train. I just hope that Snow and the Queen will be featured in there somehow. I wish they had done a Snow White meet and greet in her cottage by the Mine Train. That would have been fun.

      A lot of people knock these meet and greets but to me it’s fun to be able to see inside the castle and it feels like these princesses really live there now. I just hope they do other characters randomly walking around, like the supporting characters from the movies. Fairy Godmother, the Stepsisters, etc. I also don’t get the hatred on Disney fan sites for the Tangled washrooms. I think that little area is charming and love the Rapunzel tower detail.

      Sometimes I wonder if the people on Disney fan sites are really fans at all.

      1. Chaz

        Well not all fans have to have the same opinion. What makes Disney magical for one person may not make it so for another person. I consider myself to be a huge Disney Parks fan, but I was not exactly excited to hear that “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” would close in Disney World.

        Don’t get me wrong. I understand what you mean. It can be frustrating when some people seem to want to bash on everything Disney does, but I feel like the reception has been perfectly reasonable. It’s true this new meet & greet was relatively well done, but a lot people had a special connection to “Snow White’s Scary Adventures,” and it’s only natural that having such a special place be replaced by a meet & greet would be cause for some resentment.

        People can view things differently and still be “real fans.”

      2. Dana

        I just think everyone was just disappointed with the bathrooms Disneyland got a better princess meet and great than fl did

  7. sheldog23

    Let us not forget that this is Cinderella’s castle. All others are just guests. I’m glad they recognized that.

  8. Shawna

    I liked the Original Snow White Ride. 🙂 I still have the pictures from it. As much as i look forward to our 2015 trip, to see all the final expansions of Fantasyland, I think they had plenty of meet and greets. They are all over the parks. Taking away a ride, just to add more meet and greets doesn’t affect me, but i think it was a bad move. The parents will be happy, but it will still mean waiting in line.

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