“Don’t Come,” New Warning Issued to Guests Staying at Disney World

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Planning a trip to Walt Disney World Resort can be a magical yet daunting task, especially when trying to accommodate a family on a budget.

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One of the best ways to manage costs without sacrificing the Disney experience is by opting for one of Disney World’s Value Resorts. These resorts, including Disney’s All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, All-Star Sports, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, offer affordable accommodations and the unique charm of Disney hospitality. Here are some of the highlights that make them attractive:

  1. Affordability: The most significant advantage is the cost. These resorts offer the lowest rates among Disney properties, making them accessible for families who want to experience the magic without breaking the bank.
  2. Themed Decor: Each Value Resort has its own unique theme that adds a touch of magic to your stay. From giant statues of beloved Disney characters to vibrant, colorful settings, these resorts are a hit with kids and adults alike.
  3. Amenities: Despite being budget-friendly, Value Resorts come with plenty of amenities. You’ll have access to themed pools, food courts with a variety of dining options, playgrounds, and arcade rooms. Plus, fun activities like “Movies Under the Stars” are available to entertain your family in the evenings.
  4. Transportation: Guests at the Value Resorts have access to complimentary bus transportation to all Disney World theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. This makes it easy to get around the vast Disney property without needing a car.
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Warning on Visit Disney World Value Resorts

While the Value Resorts provide an excellent budget-friendly option, certain times of the year can be less ideal due to the influx of large groups and special events. These periods can significantly impact your overall experience, from longer wait times to crowded amenities. Here are some key times to consider avoiding:

School Trips and Competitions: Disney’s All-Star Resorts are a popular choice for school trips and competitions due to their affordability and proximity to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. During these events, the resorts can become quite crowded, which can detract from your enjoyment.

An aerial view of Disney's All Star Movies Resort, a Walt Disney World hotel where a fight broke out.
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Specific Event Dates in 2024:

  • July 4-11, 2024: The AAU Boys World Championship will bring boys aged 7 through 19 to compete during this holiday week. Expect a significant increase in noise and crowd levels.
  • July 23-28, 2024: The US Youth Soccer National Championship will see males and females aged 13-19 participating. This will again result in higher occupancy and busier resort amenities.
  • Soccer Showcases: Various soccer showcases are scheduled for October 12-13, November 29-December 1, and December 27-30, 2024. These events will draw large groups to the All-Star Resorts, impacting transportation and dining facilities.

When these large groups are present, several challenges arise that can affect your vacation experience:

  1. Transportation Delays: One of the most significant issues is the long lines at the resort buses in the early morning. During peak event times, you may find yourself waiting for several buses before you can board, which can delay your arrival at the parks and reduce your time enjoying the attractions.
  2. Crowded Dining Locations: With so many people staying at the resort, dining locations can become overwhelmed, leading to long wait times and difficulty finding seating. This can be especially challenging when trying to feed hungry kids quickly.
  3. Busy Amenities: Resort amenities like pools and evening activities such as “Movies Under the Stars” can become crowded. Large groups returning from the parks in the evening can make it harder to find a spot by the pool or enjoy the activities.
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Tips for a Disney World Better Experience

If you can’t avoid traveling during these peak times, here are a few tips to make your stay more enjoyable:

  1. Plan Ahead: Make dining reservations as early as possible and consider quick-service options to avoid long waits.
  2. Early Mornings and/or Late Nights: Take advantage of the parks early in the morning or later in the evening when they are less crowded.
  3. Utilize Off-Peak Hours: Enjoy resort amenities during off-peak hours. For instance, visit the pool early in the morning or later at night when the large groups are likely to be at the parks.
  4. Stay Flexible: Be prepared for longer waits and crowded spaces, and try to remain flexible with your plans to adapt to the busy environment.

What is your best tip for visiting Disney World? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments!

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