Universal Expands The Wizarding World of Harry Potter With New ‘Crowd Control’ System

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A construction worker looking at design plans inside of Universal Studios Hollywood at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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Universal is expanding The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a “crowd control” aspect that will allow more guests to get on rides more easily and with better maneuverability—or so we hope.

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Universal Studios Hollywood Expands Harry Potter Attraction Queue for Better “Crowd Control”

Universal Studios Hollywood has commenced preparations to relocate the rental lockers for the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction by walling off the extended queue. This construction initiative began in late 2023 and is now nearing completion, and the area is opening to guests.

The decision to move the lockers stems from longstanding congestion issues around their current location at the attraction’s entrance, particularly during peak seasons.

A similar relocation at Universal Studios Orlando in 2020 successfully alleviated bottlenecks, providing a smoother guest experience. Now, the experience has officially opened to all guests, and fans are reacting to the new locker system that is now in place to assist in crowd control hopefully. Over in Orlando, things seem to run smoother, with guests getting to the lockers and finding their way in line for the indoor attraction.

New lockers have been revealed in the Wizarding World at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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The new locker system at Universal Studios Hollywood is set to significantly improve crowd control within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, particularly in the Hogsmeade Village area where the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction is located. By relocating the rental lockers away from the attraction’s entrance, the park aims to reduce congestion and streamline guest flow.

Previously, the congestion around the entrance lockers created bottlenecks, especially during busy seasons, which impeded the flow of guests entering and exiting the ride and affected the overall visitor experience in the surrounding area.

A group of five friends dressed in Harry Potter-themed robes and scarves are posing together, smiling and holding wands. They are standing in front of a backdrop resembling Hogsmeade village from the Harry Potter series. The scene suggests a fun, themed outing.
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The new locker system, similar to the successful relocation at Universal Studios Orlando, will disperse crowds more evenly throughout the area, allowing for smoother movement and reducing wait times. Additionally, this change will enhance the aesthetic and immersive experience of Hogsmeade Village by minimizing crowd clusters and improving the area’s visual appeal.

Guests will be able to enjoy the intricacies of the themed environment without the distraction of heavy foot traffic and long locker lines, thereby enriching their overall experience in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The new locker system at Universal Studios Hollywood will ensure that guests can fully enjoy the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride by providing a more efficient and organized way to store their belongings before boarding.

By relocating the lockers away from the ride’s entrance, guests will have a dedicated space to safely stow away their items, allowing them to focus on the immersive experience of the attraction without worrying about their personal belongings. This system also streamlines the process of storing items, reducing the time spent in queues and preventing last-minute scrambles to secure loose articles.

With a well-organized locker area, guests can easily access and use the lockers, ensuring that all belongings are securely stored. This minimizes the risk of items being lost or damaged during the ride, enhancing the overall safety and enjoyment of the attraction.

Moreover, separating the locker area from the ride entrance helps maintain a smoother flow of guests, reducing congestion and wait times.

Hogsmeade, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, welcoming Death Eaters, a fan-favorite extended offering
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As a result, guests can enter the ride area more relaxed and prepared, fully ready to experience the magical journey without distractions. This thoughtful arrangement improves the logistics of storing belongings and contributes to a more enjoyable and seamless ride experience for everyone.

The new locker system at Universal Studios Hollywood brings several benefits for both the park and its guests, particularly those visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village.

The new locker system provides a more organized and convenient way for guests to store personal belongings before enjoying the ride. The dedicated locker area, separate from the ride entrance, allows guests to securely stow their items without the pressure of hurriedly finding a locker at the last minute.

This setup reduces stress and enhances the overall guest experience, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the magical environment of Hogsmeade Village without worrying about their belongings.

The streamlined process of using the new locker system minimizes wait times and confusion, contributing to a more enjoyable visit. Guests can access the lockers easily, store their items securely, and proceed to the attraction relaxedly.

This thoughtful arrangement ensures that everyone can enjoy the ride and the surrounding area fully, creating a more seamless and pleasant experience for all visitors to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village.

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