Universal Reveals First-Ever ‘Silent’ Haunted House for Halloween Horror Nights, No Speaking or Screaming Allowed

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A woman with wide eyes appears frightened, covering her mouth with one hand. Beside her, a menacing figure with a glowing, cracked pumpkin head and upraised hand looms against a dark, eerie background—an unsettling scene straight out of Halloween Horror Nights.

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Universal Orlando Resort has announced a unique experience coming this year to its most popular yearly event, Halloween Horror Nights (HHN), for the first time. This will have anyone and everyone entering the house silent, essentially not allowing screaming or speaking.

A promotional poster for "Halloween Horror Nights" at Universal Studios features a person holding a finger to their lips, signaling silence. The title "A Quiet Place" is displayed at the bottom, with claw marks slashed across the image, hinting at the spine-chilling theme of a Silent Haunted House where speaking is banned.
Credit: Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Orlando Resort Announces Halloween Horror Nights House With No Speaking

Universal Orlando Resort revealed on Thursday that its annual Halloween Horror Nights event will feature a haunted house inspired by the acclaimed A Quiet Place film franchise. The movie, directed by John Krasinski, centers around a family’s struggle to survive in a world overrun by sound-sensitive extraterrestrials.

In a statement released by Universal to the Orlando Sentinel, the Horror Nights houses at Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood, California, “will utilize unique sound design, special effects, and skilled performances by scareactors to capture the eerie atmosphere depicted in the films.”

In a first for Halloween Horror Nights, the houses will incorporate American Sign Language into the storyline. The original A Quiet Place, starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, debuted in 2018. The real-life married couple reprised their roles in A Quiet Place Part II in 2020. With Stranger Things taking everyone by storm last year, this house will surely make a big impact.

A prequel titled A Quiet Place: Day One will be released this month, with A Quiet Place Part III scheduled for theaters in 2025. According to Universal, the A Quiet Place HHN house will feature iconic scenes such as the family’s farmhouse and the root cellar where Blunt’s character seeks refuge to give birth. This marks the first movie-themed maze announced for this year’s Horror Nights.

A split image showing Universal Studios Florida entrance at night illuminated in pink lights, and a yellow "under construction" sign on the right, with a clear sky in the background.
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Universal has unveiled six haunted houses for 2024: Slaughter Sinema 2, Goblin’s Feast, Major Sweets Candy Factory, The Museum: Deadly Exhibit, Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America, and Triplets of Terror. The Orlando event will boast 10 houses and five scare zones. Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Orlando Resort is an annual extravaganza featuring haunted houses, scare zones, live shows, and access to select rides and attractions.

The event, known for its immersive and spine-chilling experiences, requires a separate ticket from regular park admission. Designed and meticulously detailed by Universal’s team of designers and special effects experts, each haunted house offers a unique and terrifying theme. Guests venture through elaborately crafted environments filled with scares and surprises at every turn.

Scare zones throughout the park immerse visitors in different thematic experiences, with actors adorned in costumes and Halloween makeup lurking to provide thrills and chills. Live shows add to the entertainment with performances that complement the spooky atmosphere of the event. Guests also have the opportunity to enjoy many of the park’s thrilling rides and attractions during Halloween Horror Nights.

A photo showing the word attention in big red letters underneath a pumpkin scarecrow at Universal Halloween Horror Nights
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HHN runs on select nights from August through November, typically from Wednesday through Sunday and on Halloween. In 2024, the event spans from August 30 to November 3, marking the most extended and earliest HHN season. As Halloween approaches, crowds tend to increase, heightening the eerie atmosphere.

To minimize wait times, guests can opt for HHN Express passes, which offer expedited entry to houses and rides with wait times reduced by 25–33%. Additionally, the “Stay and Scream” option allows guests to enter designated holding areas before the park opens, giving them a head start on queuing for houses before the general public arrives. Tickets are now on sale, but Universal Studios Florida has yet to announce its five scare zones, a few more houses, and ticket options.

Universal Studios Florida did announce a new event titled “Premium Scream Night,” which is set to take place one day before HHN 33 opens to the general public and is priced at $375 after taxes.

Universal promises to experience all the houses, scare zones, and foods with much fewer people, but guests have complained about the hefty price tag surrounding this one-night event. Still, with prices starting at $83 on select nights, the event is much cheaper than Disney World’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

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