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A picturesque view of Universal's Epic Universe theme park at sunset, featuring a tranquil waterway, palm trees, colorful buildings, and the iconic Universal logo in the center. The logo reads "Universal's Epic Universe" with a starry background and decorative accents.

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Universal Orlando Resort has confirmed that the date for a particular Epic Universe location will be changing moving forward, with the announcement of this new mystery location opening this summer! Here’s what to know.

Steven Spielberg standing in front of Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort.
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Universal Orlando Resort Confirms Epic Universe Preview Center To Open This Summer

Epic Universe is opening up sooner than expected!…Well, sorta. Universal Orlando Resort has announced the opening of a preview center for its highly anticipated Epic Universe theme park, set to debut in June at Universal CityWalk.

This preview center will feature a detailed model of the entire park and utilize augmented reality technology to bring elements of Epic Universe to life through visitors’ mobile devices, as stated in a Universal news release. Additionally, guests can enjoy themed photo backgrounds and purchase exclusive Epic Universe merchandise.

Official word from Uni!


The preview center will be located in the former Legacy Store, situated between the Bigfire and Vivo restaurants on the lower level of the shopping and entertainment complex. The Legacy Store closed in January, coinciding with the preview center’s opening announcement later this year.

Universal Parks in Orlando has been gearing up for the opening of Epic Universe next summer, with Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure starting to get some Epic Universe merchandise at the theme parks. Targeted ads have also been sent out to millions of guests in anticipation of this colossal theme park.

Epic Universe is scheduled to open in the summer of 2025. Universal has revealed the various themed lands and some attractions within its third Orlando theme park, featuring three resort hotels.

The themed lands include SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, How to Train Your Dragon — Isle of Berk, Wizarding The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Ministry of Magic, Dark Universe (highlighting classic monsters), and Celestial Park, the central hub connecting other lands. Notable attractions in Celestial Park include the Starfall Racers dueling coaster and the Constellation Carousel.

Universal Orlando Resort showcasing its newest theme park, Epic Universe.
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Opening the preview center for Epic Universe at Universal CityWalk signifies a significant milestone for Universal Orlando Resort. It demonstrates Universal’s commitment to transparency and engagement with its audience as it prepares to unveil its highly anticipated theme park. Universal Orlando Resort aims to generate excitement and anticipation for Epic Universe by providing guests with a detailed model and augmented reality experience.

This immersive preview allows visitors to envision themselves within the upcoming park, fostering a sense of connection and anticipation for what’s to come. Furthermore, utilizing the former Universal Legacy Store space underscores Universal’s strategic approach to maximizing its existing infrastructure and assets. By repurposing this location for the preview center, Universal demonstrates adaptability and resourcefulness in its operations.

The opening of Epic Universe in 2025 will undoubtedly have a transformative impact on Universal Orlando Resort. It will expand the resort’s offerings, attract new visitors, and enhance the overall guest experience. With the addition of Epic Universe, Universal Orlando Resort solidifies its position as a premier destination for entertainment and leisure in Central Florida.

A vibrant night sky illuminated by fireworks above the Epic Universe Resort, inviting visitors to a world of entertainment and excitement.
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Guests will have the opportunity to get an early glimpse into the highly anticipated Epic Universe theme park. By visiting the preview center, they can explore a detailed model of the entire park and gain insight into its attractions, lands, and themes.

This early access allows guests to plan their future visits and build anticipation for the park’s opening in 2025. Augmented reality technology enhances the preview experience, allowing guests to interact dynamically and engagingly with Epic Universe elements.

Through their mobile devices, guests can see various park features come to life, providing a taste of the immersive experiences that await them upon the park’s opening. The preview center offers Epic Universe merchandise, allowing guests to purchase exclusive items and souvenirs related to the upcoming theme park. These collectibles serve as souvenirs of their visit to the preview center and enable guests to showcase their excitement for Epic Universe before it officially opens.

It provides a platform for fans to connect, share their excitement, and discuss their expectations for Epic Universe. This shared anticipation creates a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere within the Universal Orlando Resort community. Overall, the opening of the preview center for Epic Universe at Universal CityWalk is good news for guests as it offers them early access, immersive experiences, themed merchandise, and opportunities for engagement and excitement surrounding the upcoming theme park.

Marty and Doc Brown from "Back to the Future" looking at the new Starfalls Racers inside of Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort.
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Universal Studios Hollywood will soon be getting an expanded SUPER NINTENDO WORLD and a new Fast & Furious roller coaster. This latest preview center coming to Universal CityWalk will make Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Islands of Adventure, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, Diagon Alley, and more that much better. The Universal appeal and your theme park admission will be felt once this new theme park opens.

Universal employees and Universal guests alike can’t wait for their first Epic Universe ticket to the new theme park. With a new ride in almost every corner, Epic Universe will give Walt Disney World Resort a run for its money as Universal Studios Florida becomes a week-long destination for families.


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