Theme Park Guests Beg Disney For Heat Relief

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As most people know, summer in Disney World is incredibly hot. Add to that the huge crowds and long attraction lines, and the days can be very long and very tiring.

And since a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is not a cheap experience, a lot of people try to fit as many things into the day as they can, despite the heat. This can lead to some serious cases of heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. And that will be sure to make your expensive day in the parks come to an early end.

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However, some guests think that Disney needs to do more to keep guests safe from the heat. Obviously, there is no way to completely block the heat, especially since the dome over the theme parks does not actually exist. But some think that Disney World does not have enough covering to block out at least some of the sun.

Reddit user CatalystOfUncreation recently returned from a trip to Walt Disney World Resort and dealt with some of the warmest temperatures of the year.

Got back from a week stay. It was hot. Brutality. We went mostly for EMH at went in the evenings. Stayed out late and slept in late. That worked well most all week. But the last day we were in EPCOT and according to my phone it was 107 felt like temp. I observed many people with signs of serious heat stress. Even my wife who is usually a trooper I was really worried about

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They had some suggestions as to what Disney could do to make things a little easier on the guests who visit during the hottest time of the year.

I think at a minimum WDW needs to do the following.

  • Add rapid refill stations in all lines
  • Fix the rapid refills so they actually work (the few ones you find don’t work)
  • Create more shaded areas, this would also help with rain
  • Install more fans, not just fans, air movers those “Big ass fans” work well
  • Create an option to get shade walking from parking, other than trams, especially at MK which parking is a travesty

The problem is most people don’t have heat related medical emergencies until they leave the park. I saw an ambulance at AKL and at Beach Club, which is rare. I bet you a dollar it was heat related.

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The OP (Original Poster) made several edits to their original post, saying that cast members let them know this was a known problem. Because Disney knows about it but has not done anything about it, the OP worried that Disney will not do anything until guests start dying from heat-related causes.

We don’t know about you, but adding some more shady spots to Walt Disney World’s four theme parks seems like a fabulous idea.

Sizzling Secrets Revealed: Your Ultimate Guide to Beat the Heat and Stay Cool at Theme Parks This Summer
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How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion

If you and your family are planning on visiting The Most Magical Place on Earth this summer, you should take some very important steps to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

1) Drink PLENTY of Water

While pretty much everything costs money at Disney theme parks, water does not! Guests are more than welcome to go to any quick service location and ask for a free cup of ice water.

Guests are also more than welcome to bring their own water bottles into the parks, and they can fill them at water refill stations found throughout the four theme parks. Complimentary water is also a great way to refill your water bottle.

Complimentary water at Disney World
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2) Don’t Overdo It

As we’ve said, visiting Walt Disney World is not a cheap vacation, so you’ll want to pack your days with as much as you can to get the biggest bang for your buck. However, if you are visiting during the summer months, that can be the worst thing you can do.

To avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke, slow down and don’t go all out. Take it slower. Make sure you take plenty of breaks and get into the shade as much as you can. Disney’s theme parks have plenty of shops that offer glorious air conditioning. Helping keep your body cool will help it from getting too hot.

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3) Take Advantage of the Morning and Evening Theme Park Hours

Temperatures in Central Florida are at their lowest early in the morning and late at night. And since it is summer, park hours are typically a little longer. Take advantage of this. Get up early in the morning and get some of your favorite rides out of the way at rope drop. Then, head back to your hotel in the afternoon. Take a nap or maybe even go swimming in one of your resort’s amazing pools.

Mickey Mouse in front of the pool at Typhoon Lagoon
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Once you are rested and rejuvenated, head back to the parks when the sun starts to go down. Temperatures will drop, and it will be much more comfortable than in the middle of the afternoon.

How do you plan to beat the heat at Walt Disney World this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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