Urgent Warning Issued for Walt Disney World, Guests Must Take Precautions

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We’re only weeks away from hurricane season, but Disney World and the rest of Central Florida are in for some significant weather changes this week. While Central Florida is used to extreme heat and weather during the summer months, it has never seen anything like this in May.

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The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for Central Florida starting Monday and lasting through Friday. Over the next four days, meteorologists expect record-breaking temperatures at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.

The heat will start on Monday in the low 90s, but by the middle of the week, Central Florida is expected to have temperatures in the high 90s, with some areas expected to break 100.

WESH 2 Orlando Meteorologist Eric Burris said:

These temperatures as building because there is a big ridge way up in the atmosphere of high pressure. It’s basically blocking anything from coming, which means by far and away the hottest temperature we’ve seen this year.

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Given Central Florida’s humidity, the heat index will be over 100 degrees for the next four to five days. Despite the high temperature and humidity, there is very little threat of the severe thunderstorms that Florida is known for.

Walt Disney World guests must take certain precautions during these extreme weather events at the theme parks. They should drink plenty of water and take breaks from the sun. Disney World frequently sees guests passing out from too much sun during a heat wave.

During these heat waves, Disney World guests will all head to a water park, but you better get there early. Typhoon Lagoon is only open from 10-5 every day next week, and Blizzard Beach is currently closed.

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It is highly unusual for the Disney World Resort to hit 100 degrees this early in the year. Burris believes that 12 cities in Central Florida will set a new record for the hottest recorded day, and those cities could set records on multiple days.

If you are at the Walt Disney World Resort this week, make sure to take advantage of the free water available at all quick-service restaurants and some kiosks. If possible, return to your hotel during the hottest hours of the day and take a dip in the pool.

If you start to feel heat exhaustion coming on, get indoors as quickly as possible and find the nearest cast member for help.

What do you do to avoid the heat at Disney World? 

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