Earthquake Shuts Down Disney; Guests Share Frightening Experience

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A lively evening scene at a Disney theme park entrance, featuring beautifully lit buildings adorned with lights. Characters in costumes interact with guests, some of whom are wearing masks. The area is filled with people strolling and taking in the festive atmosphere.

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A recent earthquake at Disneyland sent shockwaves through the park, causing both guests and employees to experience a rare moment of upheaval amid the usual magic and joy. The seismic event, despite its unexpected nature, revealed the importance of safety protocols at such attractions. Amidst the chaos, park visitors were seen calmly following the guidance of staff members as they quickly evacuated certain areas and ensured everyone’s well-being.

Despite their magical appearance, Disney theme parks are not immune to natural disasters. Both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort have faced earthquakes and extreme weather on a semi-regular basis. In moments like these, the diligent safety inspections conducted regularly at Disneyland proved invaluable.

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Disneyland incident - A wide shot of the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park in California.
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Cast Members Jump Into Action When Disaster Strikes

As we previously reported, on Thursday, June 6, visitors at Disneyland Resort experienced a sudden shake when a moderate 3.6 magnitude earthquake struck the area. The earthquake, though relatively small in magnitude, caused a moment of concern among park guests and staff alike. Its epicenter, located near the beloved Disneyland Resort in Southern California, served as a reminder of the unpredictability of seismic activity in the region.

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As the earthquake struck, guest reports began coming out, revealing the unusual effects of this incident. For minutes, the parks went to a stand-still, with animatronics shutting down, lights turning off, and many guests waiting in darkness until they could be safely rescued. One guest writes:

“Anybody know what just happened at Pirates?
Lights on and all animatronics stopped, but boats were all still functional and got to the end. Indy was closed too when we got out, seemed like a ton of cast members for a ride closure.”

Anybody know what just happened at Pirates?
byu/JohnPlayz_ inDisneyland

Seismic Activity Triggers Shut-down

According to one commenter on that Reddit thread, Disneyland Resort automatically shuts down its attractions when an earthquake of over 3.0 magnitude hits the area. With this event ranking as a 3.6, all rides momentarily shut down to handle the potential emergency at hand.

The swift response of the staff and the adherence to safety procedures were crucial in maintaining order and ensuring the welfare of all present. This incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of seismic activity in Southern California and the necessity for theme parks like Disneyland to be prepared for such eventualities.

Turnstiles at the entrance of Disneyland Park
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Despite the brief disruption caused by the earthquake, the park managed to resume normal operations shortly after ensuring that all rides and attractions were thoroughly inspected for any damage. The resilience exhibited by both the staff and guests in the face of adversity highlighted the community spirit that thrives within Disneyland.

As news of the earthquake spread, it also shed light on the importance of staying informed about earthquake warnings and the significance of being prepared for such occurrences, particularly in a seismic zone like California. Congratulations to all cast members for handling such an incident with grace and order!

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