‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel Gets Update with New Cast Members

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Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis on the poster for Freaky Friday

Credit: Disney

In the age of Disney remakes, sequels, and reboots, Freaky Friday was likely the last many of us were suspecting. Yet, the House of Mouse is preparing to return to one of its star-studded classics from the 2000s to cash in on that sweet nostalgia factor.

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday
Credit: Disney

Freaky Friday (2003) is something of a rare beast in the annals of Disney’s movies. Not only is it a remake, but it is a remake of a remake. While it might not be the 1976 original with Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris or even the 1995 version, it towers enough over all the rest by being the only one in the series to warrant a full-fledged sequel.

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Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are slated to return for the new sequel, but they won’t be alone. As Disney ups its cast list for a new take on the familiar body-swap storyline, fans of the 2003 film are undoubtedly equally excited, surprised, and thrilled that this is the one chosen for a modern update.

Freaky Friday 2 Expands Its Cast List

A vibrant band rocking out at a Freaky Friday outdoor event with audience members enjoying the lively performance.
Credit: Disney

Previously announced in early 2024, the acclaimed third remake of the Disney original film was getting a modern sequel. What’s On Disney Plus shared the following regarding the film’s premise.

“The new film will see Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan return as the mother and daughter who will once again switch places, but unlike the last film, now they are twenty years older, with that twist of Jamie Lee Curtis’s character now moving into the body of a thirty-plus year old adult.”

“It was revealed earlier this year that Nisha Ganatra had joined the project as the film’s director, following her work on the Hulu Originals, “Welcome To Chippendales” and “Future Man.” This new film will be produced by Andrew Gunn and Kristin Burr, with Jordan Weiss writing the script.”

Although Curtis and Lohan will undoubtedly be the reason that most people watch, a recent development shared that they wouldn’t be the only stars getting in on the body-swapping action.

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A recent report by Variety revealed that Julia Butters of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) was also tapped to join the cast. Her role is currently unknown at the time of writing.

Getting Freaky Again

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis smiling on a staircase together
Credit: Disney

Although Curtis and Lohan’s version is perhaps the most-watched adaptation of the novel by Mary Rodgers, the tale of a mother and daughter trading places to see how the other half lives is far from a new concept. While Disney’s take wasn’t the only one in the genre, it was undoubtedly the most famous.

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At the time of writing, no further details on the film’s plot have been revealed, but it’s a safe bet that the magic and motifs from the 2003 film will return. If reports are accurate, both the film’s leads are thrilled to return and should make for another freaky and fabulous performance.

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