Donald Duck Gets First Cartoon in 61 Years

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An animated character, Donald Duck, a white duck wearing a blue sailor hat and shirt with a black bow tie, is energetically running while carrying a brown sack over its shoulder against a blue background. Celebrating 61 years of timeless cartoon charm!

Credit: Disney

Mickey Mouse has been the talk of Toontown for almost a century, but he doesn’t work alone. His foul-tempered friend, Donald Duck, has been delighting audiences for almost as long as his rodent counterpart but has yet to receive any new solo work in over 60 years.

Donald Duck at Pete's Silly Sideshow
Credit: Disney Fanatic

As one of the most iconic characters of The Walt Disney Company, Donald has had a long and prestigious career in film, television, advertising, and more. Yet, he consistently plays second fiddle to Mickey, Goofy, and even Pluto on occasion. Fortunately, Disney is getting ready to change that.

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In honor of his 90th anniversary, the studio honors Donald and his accomplishments in a company-wide celebration, sharing the joy of his career in the parks, merch, and more. Including new additions to his collection on Disney+

A Quacking Return

Donald Duck looks at Chip and Dale carrying a miniature boat
Credit: Disney

Developed by Walt Disney, Dick Lundy, and Federico Pedrocchi, Donald Duck first made his triumphant debut in The Wise Little Hen (1931). Essentially created to be a foil for the chipper and charming Mickey Mouse, Donald was everything Mickey wasn’t, which proved his biggest asset.

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In honor of his contributions to the The Walt Disney Company, the studio is restoring and re-releasing two of his earliest shorts, as well as a brand new original cartoon. Along with a sneak preview of the latest short, the studio made the official announcement and provided the statement below.

“Donald Duck has been featured in over 150 short films — more than any other Disney character — and on June 9, The Walt Disney Studios Restoration and Preservation Team will release two newly restored classic Donald Duck shorts directed by Disney Legend Jack Hannah, which will stream on Disney+.”

“In Crazy Over Daisy (1950), Donald attempts to get back at Chip and Dale for wrecking his bicycle while on his way to Daisy’s house. In Out on a Limb (1950), Donald discovers the tree home of the chipmunks — disrupting it with a tree pruner, which they believe to be a monster.”

“Additionally, on June 9, Donald’s adventures will continue in an all-new short from Walt Disney Animation Studios, D.I.Y. Duck, the Studios’ first Donald Duck-starring short since 1961.”

Some Good Luck for Donald Duck

Donald Duck
Credit: D23

Not only is Disney revitalizing Donald’s classic look and formula for the new short, but the studio has also given the character his original voice back, using archival recordings of Clarence Nash to keep his classic quacking alive. Disney is certainly pulling out all the stops and bringing Donald back into his element.

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The new shorts will all air on June 9, 2024, across multiple platforms, and fans of the famous fowl can do more than get their fill at the parks, Disney+, and ShopDisney. He might play better with Mickey and Goofy, but he’s far from second-best.

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