Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Ride at Magic Kingdom To Undergo Extensive Redesign Amid Shutdown

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A split image shows a construction site on the left with heavy machinery and dust in the air. On the right is the entrance to Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction, featuring a sign surrounded by tropical foliage and illuminated by night-time lighting.

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Confirmation is pouring in that Walt Disney World Resort will be conducting a massive overhaul of its current iconic and beloved Pirates of the Caribbean attraction inside the Magic Kingdom. Based on some government files, here’s what we know.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow with the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction entrance in the background at Walt Disney World
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Disney World Changes Coming: Magic Kingdom To Receive ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Attraction Overhaul, New Permits Confirm

Disney has filed a construction permit for the Pirates of the Caribbean area within Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The permit has been assigned to the long-standing Disney partner, Whiting-Turner Contractor Company, renowned for its involvement in numerous significant projects across Walt Disney World. The default 12-month permit validity period has been extended until August 31, 2025.

While the exact purpose of this permit remains undisclosed, it probably pertains to the previously announced Pirates of the Caribbean-themed lounge. Initially revealed in September 2023, Disney announced this unique experience as the first of its kind, promising to extend the Pirates of the Caribbean narrative.

Though details are limited, Disney disclosed one notable feature—the return of the Barker Bird animatronic, as depicted in the concept art.

The new lounge’s anticipated location is believed to be the former Pirates League makeover experience space. Further insights into Magic Kingdom’s Pirates of the Caribbean Lounge are expected to be unveiled during the D23 event in California in August. In September 2023, Disney confirmed that this location would get a significant overhaul to improve the guest experience, as this ride has operated since 1973.

The Redhead Woman on the left, looking at 'Pirates of the Caribbean' sign of the attraction at Disney Tokyo
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Announced during last year’s D23 event, the expansion will introduce a new dining experience themed as an old-style tavern, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the ambiance and theming of the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and film series. Guests can enjoy a meal, drinks, and snacks while surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of pirate lore.

While it remains uncertain whether the iconic Jack Sparrow will appear throughout the tavern to greet guests, Disney promises to unveil further details in the coming months.

The renowned Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is a centerpiece within the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Nestled within the captivating realm of the Magic Kingdom theme park, it offers visitors an unforgettable voyage into a thrilling escapade amid a Caribbean island overrun by pirates. Here’s an overview of this beloved attraction at Disney World. Pirates of the Caribbean is located in the Adventureland section of the Magic Kingdom.

This immersive journey unfolds within a meticulously crafted Caribbean pirate harbor town with formidable fortifications, inviting taverns, and captivating waterfront vistas.

The setting is expertly designed to transport guests back to the vibrant era of piracy during the 17th century. Upon embarking, visitors step aboard watercraft meticulously crafted to resemble classical pirate ships. These vessels are outfitted with comfortable seating arrangements and safety features, ensuring an enjoyable and secure journey through the attraction.

Exterior of Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney World
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For Disney fans of the attraction, this expansion signifies an exciting addition to the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean experience at Walt Disney World. Introducing a new themed dining experience allows fans to immerse themselves even further into the world of pirates, enhancing their visit with the opportunity to dine in a tavern setting reminiscent of the iconic film series.

While details about specific features and appearances, such as the possibility of encountering Jack Sparrow, remain undisclosed, the promise of more news in the coming months builds anticipation and excitement among fans.

Adding a new themed dining experience based on Pirates of the Caribbean will enrich the overall guest experience at Magic Kingdom. It provides visitors with another immersive and entertaining attraction, contributing to the park’s appeal and ensuring guests have more options for dining and entertainment.

Introducing new experiences like this helps diversify the offerings at Magic Kingdom, catering to a broader range of interests and preferences among guests.

Announcing new attractions and experiences often generates buzz and excitement, increasing attendance and visitor engagement. The allure of a themed dining experience tied to a beloved franchise like Pirates of the Caribbean will likely draw more guests to the Magic Kingdom.

Overall, this expansion is a positive development for Disney World and the Magic Kingdom, promising to delight visitors with new adventures and experiences while contributing to the park’s long-term success and appeal. The ride is now closed until further notice.

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