Disney Condemns All Transportation From Theme Park Without Notice

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A monorail adorned with Disney characters, including Goofy and Mickey Mouse, moves along an elevated track. People walk below the track, and the entrance to Disneyland with its recognizable sign and architecture is visible in the background, illustrating a magical world despite transportation cuts.

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Moving forward, getting in and out of Disneyland may be a little more challenging.

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When visiting any Disney park worldwide, guests must first undergo a security screening. At Walt Disney World, a new touchless scanner system has been introduced that can scan both people and bags simultaneously, triggering only when certain metals or objects are detected. If this happens, guests must have their bags checked and undergo a metal detector wand test to ensure safety.

At Disneyland Resort, there is a single security screening area for Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney, as they are all located within the same vicinity, unlike Walt Disney World.

This can lead to longer security lines, as guests for multiple parks are screened in the same area. The metal detectors at Disneyland Resort are traditional scanners that will go off if any metal passes through, and they do not provide photographic imaging of the inside of bags.

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As a result, guests must remove all belongings and metal items before passing through the scanner, and anyone with a bag or stroller will have their items searched. While this is crucial for guest safety, it slows down the entry process, especially during the morning rush when many guests arrive.

Recently, it was announced that guests could no longer touch their items to slide them forward when exiting the metal detector; security personnel must now do it for you, placing items like phones or wallets in a scooped dish.

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This change has caused significant delays, resulting in backups of 45 minutes to an hour for guests entering the property to visit Disney California Adventure, Disneyland Park, and Downtown Disney.

Typically, when guests move from the parking garages at Disneyland, they have to take a tram to get between the parking structure and the theme park entrance. Things can get complicated when the tram stops running, however.

Disneyland guest Matt DH shared that, “The trams just stopped running at Mickey and Friends Parking at Disneyland and people are exiting en masse to walk to the Downtown Disney entrance. Not sure what happened but we keep hearing sirens.”

At the moment, it is not certain why the trams have stopped running or for how long they will be on pause. If there are sirens going, the tram route may need to remain clear for emergency vehicles to move through. Once the emergency has been dealt with and the vehicles have retreated, the trams will likely be back in action. Until then, guests are still able to walk to and from the parking garage.

The trams, while helpful in transporting guests, have been a source of contention for a long time.

Three screenshots from a video of a Disneyland guest trying to fight a parking tram driver.
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In May of 2023, the tram had to be immediately stopped due to a fight on board. Fights at Disney have been a rising issue not only at Disneyland but also at Walt Disney World.

In one viral incident, several guests were trespassed from the property, arrested, and hospitalized.

In response to a nationwide rise in theme park violence, both United States Disney parks have added “Courtesy” policies to their property rules. Disney cast members have been granted greater authority to deal with violent guests. Unfortunately, this measure has not deterred all incidents.

As we shared about the May 2023 tram incident: 

It’s unclear what started the altercation, but the video began as Disney Cast Members tried to calm down the involved parties. “Please settle down,” one said. “We can not leave until everybody settles down. Please.”

“I said enough,” a man involved in the fight said to a woman, who reached across the tram rows to physically attack him.

Other Guests got involved, yelling, “Stop” and “Get out of here.”

“This isn’t Six Flags,” a witness joked. Some called the woman “Karen.”

Last September, the tram crashed, which caused more concern for guests. Other guests have also started tantrums, like this one, where one guest got violently upset that the tram would not take her to her car specifically but just to the parking garage.

At Disneyland, the monorail is still reportedly running; however, unlike Walt Disney World’s monorail system, the Disneyland monorail will not bring guests to and from the parking garage; it will, however, bring guests directly inside the theme park.

All of this is taking place just after the new entrance to Disneyland has been unveiled, as shared by 33_Wonderland: “New DTD Entrance.” The current security checkpoint near the Disneyland Hotel (across from Sorcerer’s Hat) is now closed temporarily for updates.

Have you ever encountered any issues with Disney transportation? 

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