Disney Asks Some Visitors to Cancel Vacations, Refrain From Park Visits

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Disney is urging sick guests to stay home and out of the theme parks.

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Planning a vacation to the most magical place on earth is an exciting experience, that typically has future guests elated for months before they arrive.

You are able to slowly plan what Disney resort you want to stay at, which parks you want to visit and in what order, where you want to dine, what snacks you want to eat, what rides are a “must”, who you want to meet, what resorts you want to visit, and so much more.

Considering Walt Disney World Resort is the size of San Francisco, there is no shortage of guest activities.

While the trip planning is fun, it is also expensive. A trip to Walt Disney World is not necessarily an affordable vacation, albeit magical. Tickets to Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios can cost you up to nearly $200 per day per guest, depending on how many days you are staying and what time of year you are going.

On top of that, food and drinks are all priced higher than you would see at a local fast-food chain, and Disney hotel costs can easily run from around $500-$1000 per night in the deluxe category.

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Throw in the daily cost of Disney Genie+ if you want to use Lightning Lane to skip some lines, and you have a pricey trip on your hands.

That is why most guests want everything to go right when they take a vacation to Disney, but at times, things might be a little out of your control.

Getting sick at Disney World is never expected nor wanted by guests, but it does happen.

There are always guests coughing, sneezing, and sniffling at the parks while trying to manage popping a Tylenol while eating a Mickey pretzel. Canceling an entire vacation on behalf of a cold is quite unrealistic, but it has consequences.

A cast member recently took to the internet to ask guests who are ill to stay home from Disney. They wrote: “PSA: please do not come to Disney if you are sick. I understand it’s a lot of money, but I’m a cm, and a man coughed in my face, and now I have a fever and probably strep throat. Who knows how many other people he may have infected? Just please be respectful.”

While the post has a lot of support, many have also noted that you cannot cancel a Disney vacation at the last minute and receive a full refund, to which the cast member replied, “I get that too. masks + hand sanitizer are great middle ground but this guy didn’t even cover his mouth when he coughed. if he had, maybe i’d be okay right now.”

“but now he’s already cost me almost $100 in otc medicine and i’m going to have to go to urgent care tomorrow to give my leaders a doctor’s note which isn’t cheap either. times that by however many other people he coughed on, and it’s a very awful situation”.

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Many Disney fans shared their experiences with sick guests in the theme parks in a post-COVID world, sharing that even some content creators who have tested positive for COVID-19 are still visiting the theme parks. Many others shared that when they recently returned home from their Disney vacation, they left sick.

With thousands of people in contact with each other each day, the spreading of germs is inevitable in the House of Mouse, but taking the proper precautions if you are not feeling well can assist in not spreading those germs to others — including covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

Overall, it seems that most guests agree that it is hard to stay home if you have a Disney vacation planned, but adjusted behavior and steps should be taken if you do choose to visit Walt Disney World while ill. 

Have you ever gone to Disney World sick, or do you have any stories of other guests disrupting your trip due to being sick? 

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