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Disney just made some impactful updates to some of its reservation policies, which will affect millions of guests moving forward. Here’s what you need to know.

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Disney Disruption? Disneyland California Changes Reservation Policies: Millions of Guests To Be Impacted

Effective June 6, 2024, Disneyland Resort reservation policy revisions will impact guests holding either Disneyland Resort Vacation Packages or Room Only reservations. A significant change involves the refundability of vacation packages.

The total price becomes non-refundable three days before arrival at the Disneyland Resort, as opposed to the previous policy of four days before arrival, allowing guests an additional 24-hour window for cancellations with refund eligibility. The cancellation policies and refund amounts for each scenario are detailed as follows.

For cancellations made 30 days or more before Guest arrival, amounts paid (minus applicable cancellation fees assessed by third-party hotels or suppliers, non-refundable travel protection plan costs, and other owed amounts) will be refunded, subject to the 24-Hour Booking Policy.

For cancellations made four days to 29 days before Guest arrival, amounts paid (minus a cancellation fee of $200 per package and any fees assessed by third-party hotels or suppliers, non-refundable travel protection plan costs, and other owed amounts) will be refunded, subject to the 24-Hour Booking Policy.

For cancellations made three days or less before Guest arrival or for no-shows, the total price of the package (including Disneyland Resort admission tickets and all other package components) is non-refundable, subject to the 24-Hour Booking Policy.

Additionally, Travel ePackages containing Disneyland Resort admission tickets, travel itineraries, and digital vouchers for Magical Extras will now be electronically delivered to the guest’s linked MyDisney account three days before arrival instead of four days.

Disneyland Resort Vacation Package reservations are fully refundable within 24 hours of booking, provided the booking occurred more than 72 hours before the check-in time (known as the “24-Hour Booking Policy”).

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Furthermore, guests cannot change their Travel Package, including Disneyland Resort admission tickets, within three days of arrival.

For room-only reservations, the significant change involves extending the cancellation window to four days before the guest’s arrival date for a full refund, compared to the previous requirement of cancellation five days before arrival. Guests who fail to cancel at least four days before arrival will be subject to a cancellation fee.

Cancellation less than four days before the arrival date incurs a fee equivalent to the first night’s room rate plus taxes and fees, subject to the 24-hour Booking Policy. Guests with Disneyland Resort Room Only reservations can receive a full refund if they cancel within 24 hours, provided the booking was made at least 72 hours before check-in time.

These policy adjustments follow similar changes Walt Disney World Resort implemented earlier this year.

The revisions to the Disneyland Resort reservation cancellation policy will have several implications for guests planning Disneyland vacations. Guests now have more flexibility in canceling their vacation packages or room-only reservations, with an extended window for refunds. This added flexibility can benefit guests needing to adjust their plans closer to their arrival date.

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With the changes, guests have more precise guidelines on when they can receive refunds for cancellations. Understanding the cancellation policies can help guests make informed decisions when booking and planning their trips. The shortened cancellation window for vacation packages may require guests to decide about their trips earlier to avoid non-refundable charges.

This may prompt guests to finalize their plans sooner or risk losing their deposit. Electronic delivery of Travel ePackages three days before arrival instead of four may provide guests with a more seamless experience, ensuring they have their essential documents ready for their trip.

Guests may need to factor in the potential cancellation fees when budgeting for their trips, especially if they anticipate the need to change or cancel their reservations closer to their arrival date.

The policy changes align Disneyland Resort’s cancellation policies more closely with industry standards, providing consistency and predictability for guests. While these policy adjustments may require guests to plan and manage their vacations differently, they also offer increased flexibility and more precise guidelines for cancellations and refunds, potentially enhancing the overall guest experience at Disneyland Resort.

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