Tucker Carlson Turns to Disney as Career Plummets, New Interview Reveals

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Tucker Carlson edited in front of Cinderella Castle and wearing a Mickey ear hat. The photo comes from an interview in which he discusses Disney Adults.

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Disney Adults have long been the internet’s favorite laughing stock, from satirical videos of adult Walt Disney World Resort guests crying at Cinderella Castle to the unfortunate viral harassment of a woman who cried hugging Goofy. But this week, former FOX News star and conservative commentator Tucker Carlson and comedian Tim Dillon took a jab at adult Disney Parks fans.

After getting fired from FOX, Carlson started The Tucker Carlson Show on X (formerly Twitter). He and Dillon began the latest episode by mocking Disney Adults:

Tim Dillon (0:45) Disney World and Disney Adults (9:58) The Life of a Comedian (35:53) Los Angeles in 2024 (1:05:20) Cancel Culture (1:16:49) Tony Blinken Singing in Ukraine (1:52:40) The Worst Tim Dillon Ever Bombed

Carlson asked Dillon if he had strong feelings about The Walt Disney Company. The comedian and podcast host responded that “it’s become terrible.”

“I kind of agree with that, but I can’t quite articulate why,” Carlson replied.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Dillon explained that he disliked The Walt Disney Company’s recent commitment to diverse entertainment, unwavering support of the LGBTQIA+ community, or any other “anti-woke” talking points often thrown at the House of Mickey Mouse. However, his problems with Disney lie with the grown-ups who visit Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and international Disney parks.

Disney Adults at Disneyland Resort with Mickey Mouse
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“There’s other places to go that are real that have actual history,” he explained. “You could teach your kids about the country. You could teach them about anything. You could teach them about things that have actually happened. I don’t think Disney World is a terrible place to go, but you shouldn’t be doing it every year. There’s people that go every year. There’s people that go without children.”

“Without children?” Carlson asked. “Why would they go without children?”

“Because people are sick,” Dillon replied. “There’s this whole group of Disney Adults, people that really enjoy Disney World. They meet their wives at Disney World. They meet their husbands at Disney World then somehow not procreate. They love it, and they say they remain children forever, which I don’t think is the goal of life. I just think it’s upsetting when I see it.”

A group of young adults pose in front of the entrance to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT during an After Hours event
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Carlson laughed, equating being a Disney Adult with “emotional retardation.” Dillon called Disney Adults “stunted.”

“Not to take anything away from a lot of the great Disney classics, but it’s supposed to be the beginning of your journey and not the whole thing…,” he said. “What’s terribly depressing to me, or disturbing, or both, is that you have people that are still as into it as they were when they were five, except they’re 40. I think that’s a big problem.”

The former FOX star explained that he’s never been to Walt Disney World Resort, but he assumes it isn’t cheap. Dillon agreed and insulted social media content creators who help guests plan their Disney theme park vacations. The comedian called Disney Adults “lazy,” arguing that they don’t want to walk and accusing mobility device users of faking their disabilities.

Tucker Carlson talking.
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“No, it’s very hot, and it’s not cheap,” he answered. “… There’s a lot of Disney people out there talking about how to do the parks. There are these people, plus-sized people, that are now trying to review Disney rides to see if they fit in them. There are people that have YouTube videos dedicated to the type of shoes you have to wear at Disney World because there’s a lot of walking.”

“What’s the connection?” Carlson asked. “Just societal collapse?”

“Well, societal collapse is, I think, the big connection,” Dillon said. “But I think there’s something about being a child forever at a place that tells you you should be a child forever, and it is good to have the qualities of a child forever.”

Two Disney Adults dining at Topolino's
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The hosts compared being a fan of Disney to having a “diaper fetish.”

“I think you should go for your children,” Dillon said. “It’s an experience for them. When it becomes about you in any way, I think it’s sick… There’s this weird obsession with this idea that you’re like, ‘This is me. I have no shame.’ There should be things I think that people are ashamed of or that they like quietly. Maybe if you love Disney World and are an adult, you shouldn’t announce it to the world.”

“I don’t need sweatshirts and t-shirts and tank tops and Mickey hats,” he continued. “I don’t need to see on your social media how much you adore Disney World. If you can’t fit in a ride at Disney World, I don’t need you to review that on YouTube for everyone.”

“They’re shameful,” Carlson agreed.

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