Park Bans Guests for Life for Filming Rides and Posting on YouTube

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A picturesque scene of a mountain-like structure with waterfalls flowing into a pool is displayed. Centered in the foreground is an overlay of a mobile device with a red prohibition symbol, indicating "No phones," adhering to park bans on filming rides for YouTube.

Credit: Canada's Wonderland

One of the worst experiences is when you get on a ride at Walt Disney World or any theme park, the lights go out, and a person takes out their phone and starts to video the ride. 

An angry emoji next to a photo of Pirate animatronics, filmed through a phone camera during a Disneyland livestream
Credit: Inside the Magic

Occasionally, a cast member will get on the loudspeaker and tell that person they are breaking the rules and need to stop, but they usually don’t. 

In most cases, the person filming is just a nuisance, and rarely does the Disney cast member actually have to call security on them. 

But sometimes, those videos can serve a useful purpose. Maybe during those long winter months, you’re longing for your Walt Disney World vacation and watching a video of Avatar’s Flight of Passage on YouTube at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

Guests stuck mid-air at Canada's Wonderland Leviathan roller coaster after a malfunction
Credit: @chxnterene on TikTok / Canada’s Wonderland

The YouTube video can bring you back to when you were there on your vacation and hold you over until your next Walt Disney World vacation. 

However, not all theme parks are as gracious with their filming rules as Disney. One Canadian theme park has taken its security and guests filming on rides to the next level. 

Canada’s Wonderland is a theme park located just north of Toronto in Vaughan, Ontario. It became famous in 2019 when it opened its 19th rollercoaster, making it one of North America’s parks with the most coasters. 

However, recently, it has started cracking down on guests who film rides and then post on YouTube. According to a recent X (formerly Twitter) post from @Disneytipsguy, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, which owns Canada’s Wonderland, has been scouring, YouTube looking for videos of its rides. 

Guests who post those videos have their year passes revoked and are told that they will receive a lifetime ban if they do not remove the videos.

Many of the guests who commented on the post said they also had run-ins with security at Canada’s Wonderland, including one who said the park claimed he was using counterfeit tickets even though he purchased them directly from its website. 

Despite their attempts to remove all videos of their rides from YouTube, there are still some first-person ride videos on the site. Canada’s Wonderland may have an ulterior motive in attempting to remove them. 

Canada’s Wonderland has a YouTube channel with more than 49,000 subscribers. The theme park posts first-person videos of most of its popular rollercoasters and other thrill rides on the channel. 

Most of the videos Canada’s Wonderland has posted have more than a million views, which allows the theme park to monetize its channel to make extra money. So, while it may seem that this is a way to protect the sanctity of its rides, it is probably just another way to squeeze a little more money from its guests. 

Do you think guests who video rides should receive a lifetime ban if they put them on YouTube?

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