Video: Experience Ruined by “Terrifying” Malfunction at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Guests riding Flight of the Hippogriff in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood

Credit: Universal Studios

Dozens of guests saw their experience ruined during a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood due to a shocking malfunction in one of the park’s most iconic attractions.

Universal Studios Hollywood has many ways to beat the heat this spring, from cooling off with a frozen Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, drinking an ice-cold Duff Beer at Springfield in the park’s upper lot, or making a splash at Jurassic World – The Ride in the park’s lower lot.

Unfortunately, dozens of parkgoers saw their experience ruined when visiting the Southern California Universal theme park, living a bizarre and, to many, terrifying malfunction.

Guests splashdown on Jurassic World: The Ride at Universal Studios
Credit: Universal Studios

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In the video posted by @theme_park_ert, guests riding with the TikTok user, and likely in several vehicles around, experienced the final and most nerve-racking part of Jurassic World — The Ride with the lights on, exposing the attraction’s audio-animatronics that usually surprise parkgoers.

Additionally, the T-Rex audio-animatronic — probably the most important and impressive in the ride — malfunctioned and was seen hanging before the most significant drop.

Alan Grant distracting the T-Rex with a flare in 'Jurassic Park'
Credit: Universal Studios

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The experience surely was memorable for all guests riding, although disappointing for those experiencing it for the first time or who enjoy the jumpscares the attraction offers. You can see the video below or click here to watch it.

Check out the last show scene of Jurassic World with the lights on #jurassicworld #jurassicpark #river #universalstudios #themepark


Check out the last show scene of Jurassic World with the lights on #jurassicworld #jurassicpark #river #universalstudios #themepark

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Viewers commented on the bizarre experience by saying, [translated] “I’ve done it, and I swear it’s completely different with the lights off, hahaha.”

One user commented, “The way I’m so fascinated yet terrified of animatronics at the same time.” Another viewer added, “It actually seems more intense lights on.”

Some viewers took the incident with humor and commented, “Just shows how overworked these dinosaurs are. All day long with few breaks in between. Not to mention underpaid.”

If you haven’t had the chance to experience Jurassic World — The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, you can join the “Ride Guys” for a drop in this thrilling attraction in the video below.

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Another iconic attraction inspired by the Jurassic Park franchise was recently shut down at Universal Islands of Adventure in Univeral Orlando Resort, with no reopening date. It is definitely a harsh blow for fans of the beloved movies.

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