Space Mountain Shut down After Guests Found Unresponsive in Rocket

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Space Mountain at sunset at Magic Kingdom

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Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow…Walt Disney World Resort is allegedly hiding a big secret about one of its most beloved roller coasters, Space Mountain. The Tomorrowland attraction allegedly renders hundreds of guests unconscious annually.

Space Mountain opened at Magic Kingdom Park 49 years ago. Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris Resort later added versions of the intergalactic thrill attraction, making it one of the most well-known Disney theme park attractions worldwide.

The roller coaster entertains thousands of guests daily but allegedly boasts a hidden danger. According to former Disney cast member and Redditor u/colt_kun, hundreds of once-excited riders returned to the de-boarding area unresponsive.

space mountain fastpass tickets
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“About every other day someone came back unresponsive… more in the summer because they’re already woozy from the heat,” the former Walt Disney World Resort cast member wrote.

The phenomenon impacted all kinds of Disney Park guests.

“Usually older people who really shouldn’t have been riding, sometimes a small kid,” the former cast member continued. “Usually they come around, but sometimes we’d have to call paramedics to assist them getting out. As far as I know nobody [died].”

A boat sails across Seven Seas Lagoon with Space Mountain in the background
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When this happened, Space Mountain was closed and evacuated immediately.

“Waiting to assist them can cause a cascade failure since the trains can’t stop safely in the end brake zone and have to stop at one of the brake zones mid-ride,” the Redditor explained. “Then we have to evacuate and the ride is down until we can clear the building and reset. For safety reasons we have to dump the queue when this happens.”

Disney cast members aren’t allowed to tell guests the real reasons for these Space Mountain closures.

Three guests on Space Mountain at Walt Disney World Resort wearing face masks.
Credit: Jess Colopy, Inside the Magic

“Cast members actually hate [this] because you’re going to have confrontations,” the former employee said. “But we can’t just say ‘hey someone needs medical attention.’”

In 2019, X (formerly Twitter) user @chuckletmilk experienced one of history’s strangest Space Mountain evacuations. Disney cast members emergency-stopped the Disneyland Park roller coaster because of an earthquake and quickly removed all guests for their safety:

apparently there was an earthquake while we were on space mountain so they stopped it mid ride


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