France Alert Warns Tourists to Stay Out of Disneyland This Summer Season

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disneyland paris crowds

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This summer, while the Disney theme parks are among some of the most popular destinations for guests to visit, there is one that you should possibly steer clear of if you want to avoid capacity limit disappointments.

A bustling day at disneyland with visitors enjoying the view of the iconic fairy tale castle.
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Disneyland Paris has been experiencing a slew of capacity limitations recently, which have left guests stuck at the entrances of both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park (soon to be Disney Adventure Park). Last summer, things got so bad at the resort that there was a limitation for guests from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., with signage requesting guests leave if they did not want to deal with heavy crowding.

With Disneyland Paris tickets starting at $119 euros, including transportation, it is improbable and impractical for visitors, especially tourists, to vacate the park for seven hours. This directive may cause distress for first-time tourists anticipating a full day of enjoyment, only to be confronted with the theme park’s recommendation to leave for a significant portion of the day.

Guests, cast members, and a horse-drawn streetcar in Main Street, U.S.A, at Disneyland Paris with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background
Credit: Disneyland Paris

While it seems dramatic to leave the park so early, we did see crowds reduce at Disneyland Paris after the advisory was made. 

Then, when the Disneyland Hotel reopened after its multi-year refurbishment, capacity issues struck there, too. 

Guests wanting to check out the new hotel who were not staying there overnight became so vast that Disney had an issue with paid guests trying to get inside. This has left the hotel enacting a virtual queue system for visitors.

This adjustment follows recent capacity regulations that resulted in hotel guests, who had paid substantial sums for their accommodations, being trapped in lengthy queues at the park’s close. These guests were obliged to demonstrate their hotel affiliation while other visitors also queued alongside them. Non-hotel guests had to wait for a visitor pass, which would only become available once another guest departed and returned their pass to a cast member.

Over Easter weekend, and even today, the parks have been hitting capacity, with signage reflecting that the parks have been full. 

As Disneyland Paris reporter DLP Report shared today, “The “Park Full” sign has finally gotten an upgrade from the big red placard.”

This is on a rainy Thursday during no holidays, so as you can imagine, things are only going to get worse. If guests do not have a park reservation prior to arrival and this sign is out, they will not be able to enter. It is also likely that with the closing of Studio 1 at Walt Disney Studios Park and the ongoing construction of World of Frozen blocking off the backside of the park, the capacity at the park is less than it was previously.

Knowing all of this, it looks like the French government is warning travelers of the high levels of crowds that will be coming into Paris this summer due to the Olympics, which will surely drive up the crowds at Disneyland Paris, which is a short train ride away from the festivities.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has revealed that 326,000 tickets will be available for the opening ceremony of the Paris Summer Olympic Games on July 26, 2024. However, due to significant security concerns surrounding the event, tourists are unlikely to be able to watch the ceremony along the river Seine.

disneyland paris crowds
Credit: Bery Sneyers / Flickr

Organizers had initially envisioned opening the Games with a crowd of two million spectators lining Paris’ iconic waterway, observing athletes parading past on boats amidst fireworks. Yet, security measures pose significant challenges for security services, given that the ceremony will effectively span the entire city rather than being confined to the main stadium, as has been the case in previous cities hosting the Olympics.

Both visitors and residents can view the ceremony from numerous fan zones spread across the city. The opening ceremony alone is anticipated to attract 50,000 people, a considerable portion of whom are expected to be visitors from the U.S.

Even the Paris prison is gearing up for the worst in terms of crowding, per Reuters.

Many guests visiting Disneyland Paris stay in Paris, as it is conveniently located with the RER train at the Opera station, which allows guests to get to Disneyland Paris within an hour. So, with millions coming to watch the Olympics and many of them being tourists, Disneyland Paris will certainly feel the effects of the crowds, especially if they are already feeling them now.

Do you plan on visiting Disneyland Paris this summer? 


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