JoJo Siwa Accused of Lying About Drunken Disney World Escapades

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JoJo Siwa getting drunk at EPCOT

Credit: thunderb4lightnin TikTok

Every day, thousands of people celebrate their special occasion at a Disney theme park, including honeymoons, proposals, first visits, and birthdays. Disney loves to make each guest feel special during their celebration and offers complimentary pins for various events. Guests can also purchase extras during their stay, like room decorations and custom Disney cakes.

Sadly, one YouTube star’s birthday celebration at EPCOT in Walt Disney World Resort is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Magnolia Jackson, a 106 year-old woman celebrating her birthday at Walt Disney World Resort.
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

On May 19, Dance Moms star and singer JoJo Siwa celebrated her 21st birthday at The Most Magical Place on Earth. She decided to do what many people do during their day at EPCOT: drink around the world. Drinking around the world involves guests visiting each of the eleven pavilions around the World Showcase Lagoon and getting a drink at each one.

Ms. Siwa was filmed by several guests, acting like a fool by falling down and trying to get other guests to sing along to her new song. However, most guests did not know her new song, “Karma”, so it was mainly just her yelling and pointing at people.


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Many people were disgusted by the young woman’s actions and quickly called her out on social media. Drinking at EPCOT is one thing, but falling down, shouting, and bothering other guests is another.

But what if it was all an act?

Video compilations of Ms. Siwa’s day at EPCOT are making the rounds on TikTok, and they accuse the dancer of pretending to be drunk. The videos show that Siwa always seemed to have a full drink. So, these creators believe that Siwa was buying the drinks, but not finishing them. She was only taking a couple of sips, and then throwing the drink away.


I SWEAR IM NOT CRAZY!!!! I mean to each thier own but if she was faking being drunk thats messed up. #jojosiwa #disneyworld #jojokarma #tmz @TMZ do a deep dive 😂

♬ Karma – JoJo Siwa

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Another TikToker called ChiddyBeanz said that she watched all the videos of Siwa where she was “drunk.” She said that she didn’t think Siwa was actually drunk, but was merely pretending to act the way she thought a drunk girl should. The TikToker said that she thought it was because Siwa wanted to give the image of being a “bad girl.”


I really dont think she was actually drunk. I really dont! #jojosiwa #disneyworld #fakingit #jojokarma

♬ Karma – JoJo Siwa

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These TikTokers are not the only ones who thought Siwa was faking. In the first video posted above, there were multiple comments where followers noted that Siwa’s cups were always full. They also noted that when she did take a sip, it was a very small one. And, if you look at the section where she pretends to chug from her drink, most of the drink can be seen falling out of her mouth and running down her chin.

JoJo Siwa rides Star Wars Rise of the Resistance in Disney's Hollywood Studios
Credit: JoJo Siwa, Instagram

Siwa shared some pictures from her Disney World trip on her Instagram page. She said that her birthday celebration was “a f***in smash.” She also said that she remembered “most” of the day. Unfortunately, many commenters called her out on her behavior, calling it “cringe” and telling her she should have been kinder to cast members.

Do you think JoJo Siwa was only pretending to be drunk at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments! 

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