Entire Land Demolished as Disney Moves Forward With Plans for Controversial for Attraction

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Mickey Mouse in the foreground is welcoming visitors with open arms, with a contrasting background of ongoing construction work in Critter Country at Disneyland.

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Big changes are happening at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, and fans are currently grappling with all of the park elements that will be lost in the shuffle. There is no doubt about it: Disney theme park fans are extremely protective of their favorite classic Disney attractions. To many, these attractions are sacred and must be protected as a part of Walt Disney’s legacy.

One such attraction was Splash Mountain, the beloved water-based roller coaster that brought thrills to millions of fans. However, the ride did not age well due to the fact that its source material was a film that has been strongly criticized for its racist themes, Song of the South. Disney made the bold and inclusive decision to retheme the attraction based on Princess and the Frog. 

Not only is the ride being changed, but Disney also announced an indefinite closure of all surrounding areas in the land called Critter Country at Disneyland Resort. Earlier this week, the land area shut its doors. Now, just days later, fans report bulldozers tearing up the theme park area that we once knew.

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splash mountain at walt disney world
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Disney Gets To Work on Massive Land Overhaul

In preparation for the new addition of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure to Critter Country, a beloved area within the Disneyland Resort, some temporary changes are underway. Starting on May 1, 2024, Critter Country will be undergoing a temporary closure to make room for this highly anticipated new attraction. This closure marks a significant moment for Critter Country as it transforms to accommodate the enchanting and inclusive world of Princess Tiana.

While many fans are rejoicing at the news of this transition, others find it emotional to see such a beloved land be torn up. The love for Splash Mountain and its surrounding shops and themed areas is undeniable, and fans will surely feel emotional seeing it destroyed in such haste. However, these construction progressions are necessary for the new ride.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure Concept Art
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Fan Shares Construction Update

From recent footage taken by a guest within the park, we can see that much of the area that is being remodeled has been torn away by construction teams. The area appears to be getting ready for new installations based of the new area.

While these changes may be hard to see for some Disney fans, it does prove without a shadow of a doubt that Disney is more than committed to getting Tiana’s Bayou Adventure on its feet and ready for guests when it opens this summer.

Guests visiting Disneyland Resort during summertime can look forward to the magic and wonder that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will bring to Critter Country once it reopens its doors. The temporary closure signals an exciting chapter in the evolution of this cherished land, promising visitors a fresh and immersive experience when it returns, enriched by the spirit and charm of Princess Tiana’s captivating adventure.

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