Disney World Closes Attractions Amid Tornado Warning, Guests Advised To Stay Safe

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A dark, stormy sky with lightning looms over a fairy tale castle. A yellow road sign in the foreground reads "Tornado Warning Ahead," contrasting with the cheerful statue of a man and a mouse character nearby, hinting at closed attractions at Disney World due to the severe weather.

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As of right now, Walt Disney World Resort (WDW) is under a Tornado watch, and the parks are beginning to close down attractions. Here is the latest from the National Weather Service.

A dramatic image of the Disney Cinderella Castle under a dark, stormy sky with ominous clouds. in the foreground, a yellow road sign reads "tornado watch ahead.
Image Credit: Inside The Magic

Tornado Watch Issued for Walt Disney World Resort – Attractions Begin to Close Down Indefinitely

This morning, severe weather is impacting Central Florida, prompting the issuance of a tornado watch for the Walt Disney World area. This watch encompasses the entire WDW property and the nearby counties and will remain in effect until 11 a.m. The National Weather Service has alerted residents to the potential for tornadoes, hail, and occasional strong winds.

A list of Disney World attractions with their current status. All listed attractions, including The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Swiss Family Treehouse, Test Track, and more, are marked as "Temporarily Closed" due to a tornado warning.
Credit: Manny Santiago (Inside The Magic)

WDW shuts down rides due to severe weather conditions, attractions, and rides, especially those outdoors, and temporarily ceases operations to ensure the safety of guests and staff. This precaution is taken in response to potential threats such as tornadoes, strong winds, or hail, which could pose significant risks. Continuously monitor weather updates and announcements from Disney World staff or through official channels such as the Disney World app, local news, or the National Weather Service.

If you’re already at the parks, follow any instructions provided by Disney staff. Move to designated safe areas or indoor attractions. Disney World has protocols in place for severe weather, including shelter locations. If you haven’t left for the parks, consider delaying your visit until the weather improves. Check for updates on ride closures and park status before heading out.

A "Tornado Watch" sign in the middle of the Disney World entrance and the Universal Orlando Resort globe.
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Just like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort falls within the area covered by the tornado watch. This means there is a heightened risk of tornadoes, hail, and gusty winds, and the exact timeline for the watch applies, typically until 11 a.m. Universal Orlando Resort will implement safety measures similar to those at Disney World. This includes potentially shutting down rides, especially outdoors, and advising guests to seek shelter.

Both Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort are committed to providing a safe environment for their guests. Here’s how they ensure security and have robust plans to handle severe weather and other emergencies. Disney World has detailed emergency response plans for various situations, including severe weather.

These plans are regularly updated and practiced to ensure staff are prepared to act quickly and effectively. The park has designated shelter areas where guests can go during severe weather. Indoor attractions and facilities are equipped to accommodate guests until it is safe to go outside again.

Stormy weather with lightning striking all around at Magic Kingdom in Disney World with a tornado warning sign to the left.
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Universal Orlando Resort has comprehensive emergency response plans tailored to various emergencies, including tornadoes and severe storms. These plans are reviewed and rehearsed regularly. Both resorts have dedicated teams that monitor weather conditions and other potential threats around the clock. This allows them to take preemptive actions to ensure guest safety.

Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort prioritize guest assistance. Staff are available throughout the parks to help guide and inform guests during emergencies. Both resorts work closely with local authorities, including the National Weather Service, to stay informed and coordinate responses to severe weather. Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort are well-prepared to handle severe weather and emergencies.

Through comprehensive planning, regular training, real-time communication, and robust infrastructure, both resorts ensure high safety and security for their guests, providing peace of mind even during unexpected situations. Focus on staying safe. Avoid risky behaviors and remain indoors until the severe weather threat has passed and it’s safe to resume normal activities.

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