Multiple Disney Locations Perish, Bob Iger Sends Demolition Orders

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Disneyland Paris Park entrance

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Disneyland Paris is gearing up to say “au revoir” to one of the final nostalgic creations from the iconic 90s Disney Eisner era.

A bustling scene of visitors at Disneyland Paris in front of the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle, with its pink and blue spires under a cloudy sky.
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If you have been following news about the updates coming to the Euro Disney park or if you have visited recently, you know that Disneyland Paris is undergoing a much-needed change. After years of refurbishment, Disneyland Paris reopened the Disneyland Hotel, spending over $500 million to do so.

Now, the flagship hotel has become so popular that it has actually been facing capacity issues, so much so that day guests have to reserve a virtual queue with a designated return time just to take a look at the new lobby and overall transformation.

On May 25, Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland will debut at Walt Disney Studios Park (soon to be Disney Adventure World.) It will replace the Moteurs… Action!: Stunt Show Spectacular, which closed permanently in 2020. This marks one of the many changes at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Walt Disney Studios Park entrance
Credit: Perry Tak / Flickr

Studio 1, the park’s main entrance, has shut down for a massive refurbishment as the park’s direction changes. Moving forward, the “on-set” theme will no longer be the dominant theme; soon, a general theme of moving through different stories or adventures will take over. This refurbishment is expected to take a year.

In the park, there is also massive work being done to open the new World of Frozen section, which will also have a Tangled attraction. We also recently learned that Winnie the Pooh and Pixar’s UP will have some dedicated sections.

Disney Village, which is the shopping and eatery area that joins both Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park, much like Downtown Disney in California, has also been undergoing a lot of change.

Multiple Disneyland Paris reporters are sharing the goodbye that is being said to The Disney Gallery, as it is shutting its doors today for good.

ED92 said, “🚨 We say another goodbye today! 🚨 The Disney Gallery, Disney Fashion and Lego Store shops will close tonight to begin the refurbishment announced on 12 April. 🛍 The shops will reopen at the end of the year in their new concepts. 🆕 The Lego Store has been moved to the arcade next to the sports bar for the duration of the work and will reopen at the end of May 🧱”

The Disney Gallery is one of the last remaining stores with a heavy 90s aesthetic to it, which many Disney fans still cherish for its nostalgic value, as well as larger-than-life decor, as the company has certainly moved to more minimal theming in the stores.

DLP Report shared the news as well. The Disney Gallery will merge with Disney Fashion once the construction is complete. However, the standalone store will be gone.

🔧 Today we also say goodbye forever to The Disney Gallery at Disney Village. The iconic collectibles shop will be merged with Disney Fashion next door to create a large Disney Style shop. A final look at this early 90’s time capsule..

Of course, this means Disney Fashion will also be closing as well. The LEGO store is undergoing its own refurbishment as well, and will have a temporary storefront, as DLP Report previously shared. It will reopen at the end of the month in the Disney Village Arcade space.

🔧 The LEGO Store Disney Village will close tomorrow and reopen at the end of the month temporarily in the former Disney Village Arcade space:

This means that as of today, 3 classic Disneyland Paris locations will have forever shuttered their doors.

These changes are all coming during a very interesting time for Paris, as the Olympics will be taking place in the city this July. 

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced that approximately 300,000 spectators will have the opportunity to witness the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics, which is roughly half the initially anticipated size. This grand event, set along the River Seine on July 26, will deviate from the conventional stadium setting for opening ceremonies. Furthermore, it will necessitate a substantial security effort, with tens of thousands of police officers and soldiers being mobilized.

Even with the reduced crowds that the French government has implemented, the city will be bustling with tourists, many of whom will be coming from the United States. With Disneyland Paris located a short train ride away, the parks will surely see a pick-up in attendance during what has already been a naturally busy time of the year: summer.

With the predicted influx of guests and massive construction and closures, Disneyland Paris may seem a little less magical to those visiting for the first time.

What do you think of Disney removing the 90s-style decor in their store? 

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