Emergency Report: Multiple Disney Characters Immediately Cut From Park Performance, New Update Confirms Fate

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A crowd of people at disneyland with a focus on a parade float featuring animated characters pinocchio and jiminy cricket, the latter marked with a red crossed circle indicating disapproval or prohibition.

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Things have been less than perfect at one of the Disney parks due to what has been a multiday issue, axing multiple characters from the theme parks and leaving thousands of guests disappointed.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and other Disney Characters walk down a sidewalk. Parents are visible shoving their children into the parade path to take photos and hug the characters.
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Whenever guests arrive at any of the Disney parks, there are certain expectations that they have. For example, you expect to be able to ride classic attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain, “it’s a small world”, and more.

You probably also expect to have a lot of food options, including classic snacks like churros and Mickey pretzels. Being able to shop all the latest theme park merchandise is likely on your list of things to do, as is taking a photo in front of the castle and meeting Mickey Mouse or any of your favorite Disney characters.

Another item on that list is being able to see the entertainment that Disney has prepared. Whether it is the Festival of Fantasy Parade, Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire at Cinderella Castle, Happily Ever After at Walt Disney World, or any of the other performances curated by The Walt Disney Company, it is those special performances that truly set Disney apart from other theme parks in the world.

So, when those elements are removed in any way, it certainly poses an issue for guests.

As we have shared, over the past few days at Disneyland Paris, the A Million Splashes of Colour parade has been having issues. At Disneyland Paris, the parades often have show stops, which means the parade will stop, and the characters will perform directly in front of you.

A bustling scene of visitors at Disneyland Paris in front of the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle, with its pink and blue spires under a cloudy sky.
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A Million Splashes of Colour constitutes a portion of the Disney Symphony of Colours event, seamlessly merging two original soundtracks with a compilation of cherished Disney and Pixar melodies. This parade highlights floats embellished with motifs inspired by Disney and Pixar animations, harmoniously blending art, music, and narrative.

Traditionally hosted at Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, the parade stars Mickey and Minnie adorned in lively, distinctive costumes, accompanied by a diverse cast of animated characters such as Snow White, Timon, Stitch, Judy Hopps, and Mirabel Madrigal.

Not only was that element removed, but as was an entire float from the parade, meaning multiple characters were cut entirely. 

Disneyland reporters DLP Report shared the news, stating, ““A Million Splashes of Colour” has been performed without show stops and only two floats for the last 3 days, due to a technical issue with the third float.”

In the photo attached to the X post, we can see that behind Asha, Aladdin, Snow White, Moana, and Mirabel is the float with Mickey and Minnie Mouse on it, but that is the fourth float in the parade, the float that should be there is the one with Joy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pinocchio, and Miguel.

Luckily, things are back to normal for the parade! Disneyphile has shared that as of today, things are back to normal for A Million Splashes of Colour.

After three days of interruption, the show ‘A Million Splashes of Color’ is presented again with its show stop on Central Plaza! 🎨

This is not the first time that A Million Splashes of Colour has faced adversity during its reign. Recently, “A Million Splashes of Colour underwent a technical problem yesterday, causing all characters on the main float to be evacuated from the moving stage immediately”. While the show has been undergoing technical issues, it remains a hit for all guests, especially since it will only be at the parks until September 2024.

We hope to see a lot of these kinks worked out before the summer season, as the Olympics will be in Paris from July 26 to August 11, bringing in hundreds of thousands of guests to Disneyland Paris.

On Saturday (April 27), the Olympic flame commenced its voyage to France aboard the Belem, departing from the Greek port of Piraeus following an overnight stay at the French embassy in Athens.

An estimated 150,000 spectators are anticipated to gather at the Old Port of Marseille for the ceremony, marking the beginning of the Olympic sailing competitions and the initiation of a 68-day French torch relay across the nation.

The final torchbearer in Marseille will ascend to the roof of the Velodrome stadium on May 9, culminating the relay in Paris on July 26 with the ignition of the Olympic cauldron during the opening ceremony along the Seine river.

Organizers aspire that the opening ceremony, featuring 160 boats ferrying athletes from across the globe along a six-kilometer route toward the Eiffel Tower, will present a breathtaking spectacle. Approximately 300,000 spectators are expected to line the banks while a global audience tunes in via television.

City Hall exterior with Guests walking in front at Disneyland Paris' Disneyland Park
Credit: Lee (myfrozenlife), Flickr

Given the backdrop of conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, security forces in the country remain on high alert during the Games. The French government has solicited around 45 foreign nations to contribute several thousand additional military, police, and civilian personnel to bolster security for the Paris Olympics.

This will likely also be noticed around the train station and Disney Village at Disneyland Paris, as we have seen heightened security in the area anytime there is a “threat” of any kind. On a recent visit to the park, armed security and military were secured all around the exits after a teacher was killed by a student in school.

Even though that did not have anything to do with Disneyland Paris (Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park), we can see how the French government reacted to any potential threat with a proactive stance.

The issue during the parade is certainly not the only one Disneyland Paris has faced as of late.

Disneyland Paris hotel at sunset
Credit: Disney

The recent reopening of the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris has sparked excitement but also some logistical challenges. The stunning new lobby, dining options, and shops have understandably piqued the interest of many visitors. However, the influx has proven overwhelming for the hotel’s capacity.

Initially, Disneyland Paris attempted to manage the crowds with a physical waitlist system using visitor passes. Unfortunately, this resulted in long lines for hotel guests, who were forced to prove their residency and wait outdoors despite paying premium prices.

Belle and her Prince meet guests at the Disneyland Hotel
Credit: Disney

In response, Disneyland Paris has reintroduced their Lineberty app with a virtual queue. While this alleviates physical wait times and improves capacity control, concerns remain. Spots in the virtual queue reportedly disappear within minutes, and some guests are encountering technical difficulties with the app. Overall, the return of a reservation system, though addressing capacity issues, has left some visitors frustrated with the added complexity.

There are also construction walls surrounding the entirety of Walt Disney Studios Park (soon to be renamed Disney Adventure World). Studio 1, the main entrance, is now officially shut down, meaning all the dining and shopping options have closed with it, eliminating a majority of the park’s quick service options.

There are also more walls as you walk towards the back of the park due to the construction of World of Frozen and the new Tangled spinner attraction.

While this will be good for the park in the long run, it does mean that guests experiencing the park in its current state are certainly not seeing it in its full form.

Do you plan on visiting Disneyland Paris this year? 




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