World’s Tallest, Fastest Strata-Coaster Shuts Down After One Week Due to Safety Concerns

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An image of the Top Thrill 2 roller coaster at an amusement park shows people riding in the front car, just starting to descend a steep drop. The background displays more rides, trees, and bodies of water. Overlaid text in red reads, "CLOSED INDEFINITELY.

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Cedar Point just opened Top Thrill 2, and after just seven days of operation, the world’s tallest and fastest strata-coaster has shut down due to “safety concerns.” Here’s what we know.

A montage image featuring a Cedar Point roller coaster with bright orange loops set against autumn trees at the top, and a worried construction worker looking at a warning sign at the bottom.
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Safety Concerns Prompt Closure of Top Thrill 2 at Cedar Point After Just One Week of Operation

The eagerly anticipated reimagining of Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster, now known as Top Thrill 2, has been closed indefinitely shortly after its official public opening. According to a press release from Cedar Point shared with Fox News Digital on May 12, “Top Thrill 2 is currently experiencing an extended closure as Zamperla (the ride’s manufacturer) completes a mechanical modification to the ride’s vehicles.”

See… I knew it wasn’t the weather. Cedar Point would have announced it as that if it was the case… For everyone who called me names yesterday, and said I was being ridiculous…. For saying it wasn’t the weather… Well, again, CP would have stayed weather if that was the case. Kindness always wins. Be RESPECTFUL to the team members because it’s not their fault. Sucks for Cedar Point & And everyone visiting. Hope the park can get it figured out and fixed soon.

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Cedar Point further stated, “Once the modification is complete, Zamperla, the Cedar Point maintenance & operations teams, and our third-party ride inspection partner will conduct a thorough review before approving both the modification and the reopening of the ride.” The park, located in Sandusky, Ohio, mentioned that they “cannot yet confirm a reopening date,” but will be providing updates on the roller coaster’s progress. “We know our guests are excited to experience this incredible roller coaster, and we share your disappointment that we cannot operate it this weekend,” the company reiterated.

The term “strata roller coaster” refers to any roller coaster exceeding 400 feet in height. Top Thrill Dragster, which once held the record for the tallest roller coaster, was closed following a 2021 incident where a woman was struck by a “small metal object” that had come off the ride. In 2022, Cedar Point announced that Top Thrill Dragster would not reopen in its original form and would be reimagined as Top Thrill 2. The redesigned ride features a new 420-foot “spike” added behind the original 420-foot “top hat” structure, with the ride now propelling riders forward and backward on the spike before cresting the top hat.

A split image showing two perspectives of a roller coaster ride. On the left, passengers ascend a steep track overlooking a park and water body, on the right, a close view of the coaster's peak with the text Top Thrill 2.
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Antonio Zamperla S.p.A. is an Italian company renowned for designing and manufacturing various amusement park rides, including roller coasters, thrill rides, family rides, aqua rides, and kiddy rides. Established in 1966 by Antonio Zamperla, the company is headquartered in Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. This family-owned business is now in its third generation of leadership, with Alberto Zamperla serving as president and Antonio JR Zamperla as CEO.

Zamperla is the world’s largest manufacturer of amusement rides by volume, producing over 250 rides annually. Their offerings range from $40,000 for more miniature rides to millions of dollars for larger projects. They are a vital supplier to prestigious parks such as Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Merlin Group, and Six Flags.

The company is celebrated for its innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology. It specializes in creating transportable rides that can be permanently installed in theme parks, showcasing a unique blend of flexibility and creativity in its product offerings. The company is in charge of getting Top Thrill 2 back up and running as soon as possible as the ride has been open for only a week, leaving thousands of coaster enthusiasts devasted – but will the ride open anytime soon?

A banned sign in front of Top Thrill 2 roller coaster at Cedar Point.
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According to @ElToroRyan on X, the manufacturing company behind the ride might have to wait a long time to make new components for this roller coaster before it reopens for business, which might take longer than expected. This is purely speculation, but @ElToroRyan does make some good points regarding the following: 

I would confidently guess that Zamperla are putting every possible resource they have at reengineering a certain component of these trains that didn’t hold up as expected. So you most likely won’t see any work occurring onsite at TT2 until that new component is reengineered, fabricated, and then ready to be installed.


The situation with Top Thrill 2 at Cedar Point has several implications. The indefinite closure of Top Thrill 2 for mechanical modifications indicates that Cedar Point and Zamperla prioritize safety and functionality. Once the modifications are complete and the ride passes thorough inspections, it should operate more reliably, providing a better experience for guests.

Cedar Point guests eagerly anticipating riding Top Thrill 2 will need to wait longer, which could affect overall guest satisfaction. The park must manage expectations and keep guests informed about the ride’s status to maintain positive guest relations. Once the ride reopens, the park will likely ramp up its communication efforts, using updates and possibly exclusive previews or media coverage.

The success of Top Thrill 2 is crucial for Cedar Point’s reputation as a premier amusement park. Ensuring the ride is safe and operational will help preserve the park’s standing and attract visitors. Future attractions may also undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to avoid similar issues. Cedar Fair has yet to comment on the closure, let alone the roller coaster innovation that is Top Thrill 2, the former Top Thrill Dragster coaster, and a strata coaster that tops Millennium Force.

Zamperla rides are some of the top in the world, giving any rider the thrill of a lifetime. The launch track, with speeds of 120 mph, gives this new ride the edge over anything else in the world.

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