Guest Safety Concerns Soar: Historic 150-Year-Old Theme Park Faces Uncertain Future After Major Safety Screwup

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A montage image featuring a Cedar Point roller coaster with bright orange loops set against autumn trees at the top, and a worried construction worker looking at a warning sign at the bottom.

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Cedar Point theme park (CPTP) faces immense backlash following the official safety guidelines, missing one major component of the guest experience.

Riders ascend the thrilling peak of the Top Thrill Dragster, anticipation building against a backdrop of blue skies and fluffy clouds.
Credit: Cedar Point

Cedar Point Receives Harsh Backlash for Dropping the Ball on One Crucial Guest Safety Aspect for Top Thrill 2

Cedar Point, a sprawling 364-acre amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, has a rich history dating back to 1870 when it opened its gates as a public bathing beach and bathhouse. It proudly is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the United States, trailing only behind Lake Compounce.

Recently, in 2020, CPTP marked a significant milestone, celebrating its 150th anniversary, a testament to its enduring legacy.

Among the park’s notable historical landmarks is the Cedar Point Lighthouse, a six-room limestone light keeper’s house crowned with a rooftop tower, erected in 1862. Additionally, the Grand Pavilion, now the bustling heart of the Cedar Point Convention Center, is a testament to the park’s rich architectural heritage, having been constructed in 1888.

Thrill-seekers experience an adrenaline rush on a roller coaster at Cedar Point as they plunge down a steep drop with a panoramic view of the amusement park and a scenic waterfront.
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The Coliseum is another distinctive structure gracing the park’s landscape, adding to Cedar Point’s charm and allure. Renowned as “America’s Roller Coast,” Cedar Point boasts an impressive lineup of thrill rides, including a staggering array of 16 roller coasters, securing its position as the third-largest amusement park for roller coasters in North America.

The excitement reaches new heights in 2024 as CPTP unveils its latest addition, Top Thrill 2, set to break records as the world’s tallest and fastest triple-launch strata coaster. As anticipation mounts, CPTP continues to captivate thrill-seekers and enthusiasts with its exhilarating attractions and timeless charm.

But with Top Thrill 2 opening in just under 10 days now, guests are already taking to social media to rant on how big of a mess up the theme park made by leaving out a very crucial component of its safety guideline: ride lockers:

Ready to ride #TopThrill2

Get a head start on your visit by reading the critical details in Top Thrill 2’s Rider Safety Guidelines. Know before you go! READ NOW:

– @cedarpoint on X

According to the official safety guidelines, everything was written smoothly and correctly for anyone to understsand, aside from one critical part:

Working with the manufacturer’s recommendations, Top Thrill 2’s rider safety guidelines were revised after initial testing, resulting in our strict policy of loose articles not being permitted past the ride’s entrance.

Due to the later revision, the integration of lockers into the queue, similar to those at Steel Vengeance, was not possible. We encourage riders to leave any loose articles with a non-rider. If you wish to rent a locker, they will be near the entrance for a nominal fee.

A picturesque view of Cedar Point featuring a variety of roller coasters with loops and steep drops, against a backdrop of a clear blue sky and a tranquil ocean.
Credit: Cedar Point (Top Thrill 2 concept artwork)

The absence of integrated lockers in the queue area for the new Top Thrill 2 coaster at CPTP could pose challenges and inconvenience for guests visiting the park.

Do better @cedarpoint. This is ridiculous. At least have the lockers by Top Thrill 2 be free – like @UniversalORL offers. Ridiculous.

@ParkPredictions on X

Without readily accessible lockers nearby, guests may find themselves grappling with the dilemma of where to store their belongings while waiting in line for the ride.

It just confuses me how Cedar Point had this whole song and dance with Steel Vengeance for four years to try and figure out a loose article policy, only to turn around and do this. Like, I’m excited for the ride, but every other park has solved this issue.

@MrArrowMan02 on X 

This could result in guests either carrying their personal items with them, which could be cumbersome and detract from the overall ride experience, or leaving them unattended, risking loss or theft.

Not being able to enter TT2’s line with flip-flops or sandals is absolutely unacceptable. I can understand phones and other loose items not being permitted but there are sooooo many ride models that require you to remove your loose fitting shoes to ride, yet you can still enter the line with these shoes and leave them off to the side while aboard the attraction. This will be a customer service nightmare!

@ElToroRyan on X

Moreover, the lack of integrated lockers may lead to congestion and overcrowding in the queue area as guests navigate the space with their belongings. This could potentially impact the flow of traffic and contribute to longer wait times, ultimately diminishing the guest experience and satisfaction.

again god speed to whoever’s working here

@Rytheguy2000 on X

Overall, the absence of integrated lockers in the queue area of Top Thrill 2 represents a potential inconvenience and logistical challenge for CPTP guests, highlighting the importance of providing convenient storage solutions to enhance the overall park experience.

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