Guest Jumps From Moving Disney Coaster To Grab Cell Phone, Rescue Initiated

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People sitting in a themed amusement park ride vehicle appear excited and engaged, with dim, warm lighting enhancing the rustic setting as they prepare for the ride to start.

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Walt Disney World Resort cast members acted quickly after a guest jumped from the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster to grab his cell phone. He reportedly dropped it during the train’s ascent up the attraction’s tallest hill. Other guests were rushed away from the ride without knowing what happened to the man.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the only roller coaster currently operating in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom Park. Splash Mountain closed last January for its retheme into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. In the last few weeks, Walt Disney Imagineers have been spotted adding finishing touches to and test-riding the Princess and the Frog (2009) themed ride.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction.
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Without Splash Mountain or Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and other thrill rides see increased wait times. This worsened in other areas of the Disney park when one guest shut down the Frontierland roller coaster.

Just weeks after the viral story of an abandoned photograph of a mother and child on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad tugged at Disney Parks fans’ heartstrings, the attraction is in the news again. According to Redditor u/BikesBooksNBass, the latest incident began when an adult man dropped his cell phone during the ascent through the haunted caves.

“[He] hopped out of the car while it was climbing the initial climb to go grab it,” the guest wrote.

Guests riding in the front few vehicles of Big Thunder Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland
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The guest jumped out of the train in view of dozens of other guests and hidden security cameras. Disney cast members emergency-stopped the ride immediately and “escorted everyone off the ride.”

Guests weren’t told whether the man was injured or reprimanded for his actions. The witness was frustrated that Walt Disney World Resort didn’t compensate riders for their experience.

“We didn’t even get a [Lightning Lane] offered despite the fact that we were not at fault for the ride being interrupted,” they said.

Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster at Disney World
Credit: Disney

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad remained closed until Disney cast members cleared the area and reset the attraction’s safety systems. The roller coaster operated normally at the time of this article’s publication.

Your life is more important than any lost object. It’s best to put loose items in a bag or secure them in the provided pouch on thrill rides. If something is lost, alert a Disney cast member instead of attempting to retrieve it.

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