Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Closed Weeks After Child Tossed off Roller Coaster

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A portion of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction located at Disneyland Paris on a bright, sunny day.

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Weeks after an emotional discovery on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Park, the ride suddenly broke down due to an unknown emergency. A horrified guest shared their experience online.

In April, a social media user spoke out after discovering a vintage photograph of a mother and child on the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness.” The photo appeared to have been tossed off the ride, either accidentally or intentionally. The original owner left no clues as to its origins, but many fans speculated that throwing it onto Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was a memorial gesture after one of the people in the photograph passed away:

saw this while in line for big thunder

saw this while in line for big thunder
byu/cocolisito inDisneyland

Weeks after the emotional discovery, the haunted mine again captured Reddit’s attention. This time, a terrified Disney Park guest shared their experience evacuating Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as an emergency alarm blared.

“The fire alarm was sounding and the cast members were not only telling everyone to evacuate quickly, but had followed the crowd out,” Redditor u/Itchy-Procedure-5876 wrote. “Disney security was also surrounding the ride.”

People sitting in a themed amusement park ride vehicle appear excited and engaged, with dim, warm lighting enhancing the rustic setting as they prepare for the ride to start.
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According to the guest, the roller coaster alarm wasn’t a blaring smoke or fire alarm but a spoken warning: “The alarm was saying that there was an emergency… it never said anything specific about a fire. it sounded more like a tornado alarm than a fire alarm. 🤷‍♀️and yes the alarm did speak to me, I’m not on acid.”

Disneyland Resort cast members didn’t share any information about the emergency, but other Disney Parks fans commented on recent unusual experiences with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Guests riding in the front few vehicles of Big Thunder Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland
Credit: Disney

“What I can say is we got on it yesterday at 9:30 (Fantasmic was finishing and the fireworks were just starting) and all of the effects were off,” u/TheSonder wrote. “There were no rainbow pools of water, but it looked like the emergency light was on, no spinning opossums or howling from coyotes or movement from the goat with dynamite, and the final lift hill was frozen mid explosion.”

Disney cast members also offered insight into the roller coaster malfunction.

“Sometimes alarms go off automatically (via sensor) if a guest goes into a place they shouldn’t be,” said u/GrantsDale.

A row of exposed rib bones on a rocky surface, simulating a large fossilized creature, with a small cart track running in front resembling an archaeological dig site.
Credit: u/cocolisito via Reddit

“I know exactly the alarm you’re referring to,” u/wazziwoozi replied. “It’s a stock alarm and it has instructions to not use any elevators, which is funny because there are no elevators at thunder, onstage, backstage, anywhere.”

It’s unclear if impacted guests were compensated for their experience with a free Lightning Lane or other perk. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was operating normally at the time of this article’s publication.

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