Florida Cracks Down on Multi-Million Dollar Scam in Walt Disney World

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The entrance to Disney World with warning signs reading "scam alert" superimposed on the image, suggesting caution or issues at the park.

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Walt Disney World Resort guests rejoice: you have just been saved from getting scammed out of hundreds of dollars on your next trip to the theme parks in Orlando.

The Walt Disney World Resort entrance gates with a large "Scam Alert" sign to the left for Disney World guests.
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Florida Officially Offers Disney World Guests New Out From Car Rental Scam

When traveling to Orlando to visit your most magical place on earth, you have many options ranging from ride-sharing services to busses. But another option many guests will use is renting a car to get around Central Florida and throughout the four Disney World theme parks.

Navigating toll roads from the Orlando International Airport to Disney World can be confusing, especially for those unfamiliar with the process. Unlike traditional toll plazas where cash payments were accepted, most toll roads in the Orlando area now utilize transponders or a “pay by plate” program for billing.

Aware of this, rental car companies often offer toll devices for a daily fee ranging from $10 to $20. However, travelers can opt for a cost-effective alternative through Florida’s Visitor Toll Pass program.

Entrance sign of Walt Disney World, featuring large bold letters and images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, under a sunny sky with fluffy clouds, viewed from a road lined with palm trees.
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Enrolling in the Visitor Toll Pass program allows travelers to pay the actual tolls without additional charges, which is particularly advantageous for those heading to Disney World. This program is free for onsite rental car customers and ensures the lowest toll rates throughout Florida.

To obtain the pass, travelers can download the Visitor Toll Pass app and reserve their pass before arriving at Orlando International Airport. Upon arrival, they can scan the app’s barcode at designated vending machines in Terminals A, B, or C to receive a tag for their rental car’s rearview mirror.

With the pass, tolls are automatically paid electronically using the provided bank or credit card information, eliminating the need for rental car toll devices and associated fees. Upon returning the rental car, travelers can conveniently return the toll tag at nearby collection boxes.

The entrance to Walt Disney World Resort as seen through a car window
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This streamlined process ensures travelers pay only the actual tolls, enhancing convenience and cost savings during their journey. The Visitor Toll Pass program offers several benefits for Walt Disney World guests.

Firstly, it provides a hassle-free, cost-effective solution for navigating toll roads between Orlando Airport and the theme park. Guests can save money during their visit by eliminating the need for rental car toll devices and associated fees.

Additionally, the program ensures guests always pay the lowest toll rates throughout Florida, contributing to a more budget-friendly travel experience. Moreover, the streamlined process of obtaining and using the pass enhances convenience, allowing guests to focus more on enjoying their Disney World vacation without worrying about toll road logistics.

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