There’s More! Universal Orlando Teases ANOTHER Major Theme Park Expansion

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A wide view of Universal CityWalk during the day at Universal Orlando Resort.

Credit: Universal CityWalk

Universal Orlando Resort is moving at the speed of light with its construction projects, which include so much more than fans could’ve imagined.

In 2025, Universal Orlando Resort is poised to redefine theme park entertainment with the grand unveiling of Universal Epic Universe, a monumental addition set to revolutionize the guest experience, but that’s not the only significant project on the horizon.

Aerial photo of Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort.
Credit: @Bioreconstruct on X, formerly Twitter

Epic Universe is progressing, but that’s not all for Universal Orlando

With its promise of over 50 immersive attractions and diverse entertainment offerings, Epic Universe stands as a beacon of innovation, poised to transport visitors to realms of wonder and adventure. At the heart of this marvel lies Celestial Park, a lush oasis where guests can embark on a journey of discovery amidst stunning architecture and captivating landscapes.

Celestial Park serves as the gateway to four extraordinary worlds within Epic Universe, each boasting its own unique theme and thrills. From the enchanting Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic to the iconic SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, guests are invited to explore realms inspired by beloved franchises and imaginative realms. With majestic portals beckoning adventurers to embark on transformative experiences, Celestial Park promises to be just the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

An artists rendition of Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort, opening summer of 2025.
Credit: Universal

Within Celestial Park, guests can indulge in a myriad of attractions and experiences designed to delight the senses and ignite the imagination. From the adrenaline-pumping Starfall Racers to the whimsical Constellation Carousel, there’s something for every adventurer to enjoy. With unique dining options and intricately themed retail locations, Celestial Park ensures that guests are immersed in a world of fantasy and wonder at every turn.

As excitement builds for the debut of Universal Epic Universe, Universal Orlando Resort tantalizes guests with the promise of even more magic on the horizon. While all eyes may be on the forthcoming epic adventure, whispers of major changes brewing at Universal Studios Florida hint at new thrills and experiences yet to come.

Universal teases major new additions to beloved theme park

While there has rightfully been a ton of focus on Epic Universe, what many fans have missed is the major attractions coming to Universal Studios Florida, all four of which are expected to be available before Epic Universe’s grand opening.

In the latest video shared on social media by Universal Orlando Resort, a person eagerly opens a cardboard box marked, “Do not open until summer 2024.” Inside, a treasure trove of references awaits, teasing the excitement to come.

The unveiling commenced with a bold red clock, prompting the question, “What time is it?” – an unmistakable homage to the time-traveling adventures of Back to the Future, hinting at its role in the upcoming Tribute Store or parade. Following suit, a cozy red hoodie emerged, reminiscent of the iconic attire from E.T., suggesting a potential appearance in the forthcoming parade.

Guests walking into Universal Studios Florida
Credit: Universal

Then, a humble onion made its appearance, accompanied by the cryptic caption, “a lot of layers here…” This playful nod pointed towards the whimsical world of Shrek, teasing a meet and greet with Shrek and Donkey in DreamWorks Land. Continuing the journey, a container of noodles hinted at the upcoming Kung Fu Panda attraction within DreamWorks Land, promising immersive experiences like Po Live! and Po Village.

A sprinkle of glitter added a touch of sparkle to the reveal, symbolizing the vibrant realm of Trolls within DreamWorks Land, particularly highlighting the highly anticipated Trollercoaster.

Next, an antique white wall phone emerged, evoking memories of iconic lines from E.T. and Ghostbusters, suggesting potential nods to both beloved franchises in the upcoming attractions. Then, a handful of shark teeth surfaced, paying homage to the classic suspense of Jaws.

Jaws Ride
Credit: Universal

Lastly, green slime made a gooey appearance, an unmistakable reference to the ectoplasmic essence of Ghostbusters, hinting at its potential presence in the Tribute Store as the franchise celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Reporter Alicia Stella also shared thoughts on the video.

With each item unveiled, excitement for Universal Orlando Resort’s summer 2024 offerings only continues to mount, promising a summer filled with nostalgia, adventure, and unforgettable experiences for guests of all ages.

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