Universal Announces Momentous Change Coming to 60-Year-Old Attraction

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Universal Studios Hollywood has announced that some significant changes are on the way for its oldest attraction, giving fans an inside look at what’s coming for this momentous event.

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Universal Declares 60th Anniversary Plans for Oldest Attraction at Theme Park

Universal Studios is set to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of its legendary Hollywood Studio Tour with an array of exciting updates and attractions. Among the highlights is reintroducing the original red and white candy-striped Glamor Trams. While Universal now operates all-electric vehicles, visitors can admire some classic cars and capture memories in front of an authentic, fully restored 1964 vintage Glamor Tram.

The Universal parks are quite busy this year with an expansion for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Epic Universe, some new Universal CityWalk locations in Orlando, and an extended Halloween Horror Nights. The Universal appeal is growing for locations like SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, Diagon Alley, and overall theme park admission.

@UniStudios is pulling out all the stops for the 60th anniversary of the World-Famous Studio Tour Apr. 26-Aug 11 Major Highlights: Return of iconic Glamor Trams Opportunity to step off the tram and onto a legendary movie set Return of the Runaway Train


As part of the celebration, guests can indulge in nostalgic photo opportunities, including encounters with the theme park’s original hanging Jaws shark, a towering King Kong backdrop, and the first-ever authorized replica of the Hollywood Sign, marking the Hollywood Sign’s centennial, all situated along the backlot. Notable renovations have also occurred, notably with the Earthquake—The Big One attraction, which has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and modern aesthetics.

Furthermore, at Courthouse Square, known for its scenes from the Back to the Future films, visitors will have the chance to marvel at an original time machine picture car on display, alongside encounters with the iconic Doc Brown character roaming the area. Additionally, a colossal dimensional tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur display promises to captivate guests.

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Lastly, veteran tour-goers can look forward to rediscovering the vintage 1976 Runaway Train, adding nostalgia to the celebratory proceedings.

The Studio Tour, or The Backlot Tour, stands as a prominent ride attraction within the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in Universal City, California, near Los Angeles. Regarded as the theme park’s hallmark attraction, the Studio Tour offers visitors an immersive journey through a functioning film studio with diverse film sets on the Universal Studios Lot. Guests embark on multi-car trams for the ride, affording them a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Universal Pictures’ operations.

Lasting approximately 45 to 60 minutes, the tour is guided by a knowledgeable “tram guide” situated in the first car of the tram, who interacts with guests while utilizing pre-recorded videos featuring Jimmy Fallon. Throughout the experience, the tour traverses the Front Lot, Backlot, and various attractions, providing glimpses of iconic movie sets and properties. This iconic tour has also inspired a smaller yet similar version at Universal Studios Florida, although the latter was discontinued in 1995.

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For guests visiting Universal Studios Hollywood, the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Hollywood Studio Tour promises an exciting and nostalgic experience.

The reintroduction of the original red and white candy-striped Glamor Trams offers a glimpse into the theme park’s rich history, allowing visitors to capture memories with classic cars and iconic attractions. Adding nostalgic photo opportunities, such as encounters with the Jaws shark and King Kong backdrop, adds to the celebratory atmosphere.

Furthermore, renovations to attractions like the Earthquake—The Big One ensure a modern and immersive experience. With displays like the original time machine picture car from Back to the Future and encounters with Doc Brown, guests can immerse themselves in beloved film history. Overall, the anniversary celebration offers Universal Studios Hollywood guests a chance to reconnect with classic attractions while experiencing exciting updates and enhancements.

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