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A split image featuring a Universal Studios tour tram on the left and the iconic Universal globe monument with a water fountain on the right, symbolizing the exciting experiences at Universal Studios theme parks.

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  1. Eric you

    I hope this new special studio tour experience on April 26 to august 11 is worth the visit for guests to universal studios universal city Hollywood Los Angeles California I hope after this special 60th anniversary experience that more stuff shows up for Halloween horror nights maybe also somewhat earlier than last year making also bigger and better than last year.

  2. Eric you

    I hope this years Halloween horror nights at universal studios Orlando Florida resort gives us Edgar Schmidt the chainsaw carrying masked scarred muscular silent but deadly psycho brother of jack the clown or Cindy Caine the adopted daughter of doctor Albert Caine the caretaker or both of them as icons or at least having a haunted house maze walkthrough attraction or scare zone to feature them together with jack the clown and doctor Albert Caine the caretaker.

  3. Eric you

    I think this year also needs to bring to life the story of Nathaniel Crowe who has been replaced by the legend of bloody Mary who took the form of a insane psychiatrist or psychologist in shady brook asylum who did experiments on her patients based on the phobias of her patients who became possessed by the spirit of her grandmother named Mary Worthington who was a teacher in a school in Carey Ohio while doctor Mary Aga Na is a crazy psychiatrist or psychologist working at shady brook asylum we later see that see is murdered and her body mysteriously vanished she became a ghost and a witch trapped in a magic mirror unless people say her name 3 times as bloody Mary she would later send people into her own demented world as a icon in 2008.

  4. Eric you

    I also think Nathaniel Crowe would be sacrificed in a mannequin or dummy form as a offering to summon the pumpkin lord a ancient evil spirit who is the personification of Halloween itself who took over as a icon back in 2022 together with her own minions while he had a scare zone in 2022 and a haunted house maze walkthrough attraction called wicked growth realm of the pumpkin in 2021.

  5. Eric you

    I think this year could be perfect if the body collectors made a return since they were last seen in 2015 I think a new version of hell gate prison would be interesting to see I think returning to shady brook asylum this year would be fun but with a new horrific backstory I also think going back to a fictional version of the real life town of Carey Ohio could be fun.

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