‘Spider-Man 4’ Canceled? Tom Holland Blames ’No Way Home’

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The main obstacle to getting Spider-Man 4 produced is…Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)? At least, that’s what Tom Holland seems to think.

Zendaya and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Although Spider-Man is one of the most popular comic book characters in history and has supported multiple different adaptations of the trials and tribulations of Peter Parker (and, to a lesser extent, Miles Morales), Hollywood seems to have some form of performance anxiety when it comes to making Spider-Man 4.

The early 2000s Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, which starred Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, was an enormous commercial hit, largely critically adored, and still hugely influential on the superhero genre to this day. Despite that, plans for Raimi and Maguire to team up for a Spider-Man 4 were canceled for mostly unclear reasons and left the character dormant for years.

Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker (L) and James Franco as Harry Osborn (R) in 'Spider-Man'
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Sony Pictures eventually rebooted with Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb for the Amazing Spider-Man series, which was less beloved than the Sam Raimi movies, to say the least. Although the Garfield Variant of Peter Parker has since been embraced by the fandom, that series didn’t even manage to get to a third movie before it was canceled.

Andrew Garfield brooding as Spider-Man
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Eventually, Disney and Sony were able to make the deal that brought Tom Holland as Peter Parker to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War (2016) and established his version of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man as one of the tentpoles of the franchise. But history is repeating itself, and Marvel Studios seems to be unsure what to do about the Spider-Man 4 that fans are calling for.

According to Tom Holland, it seems that the titanic success of No Way Home is hampering the development of Spider-Man 4 because Marvel has too much to live up to. At the third annual Sands International Film Festival (per Deadline), Holland revealed that while the film is in discussions,  the writing team was hampered by the need to avoid repeating the previous movies too much.

(left to right) Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire variants of Peter Parker/Spider-Man edited with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse background marvel
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Holland explained, “We have the best in the business working toward whatever the story might be. But until we’ve cracked it, we have a legacy to protect. The third movie was so special in so many ways that we need to make sure we do the right thing.”

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The Romeo & Juliet actor continued, revealing that he was ready to return to Marvel Studios indefinitely, saying, “The simple answer is that I’ll always want to do Spider-Man films. I owe my life and career to Spider-Man. So, the simple answer is yes. I’ll always want to do more.”

Tom Holland as Spider-Man with his mask off, looking sad
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That is good news for Marvel Studios, considering MCU stars have been dropping out of the franchise like flies these days. While Disney might have lost most of the original Avengers and canceled projects left and right, at least Tom Holland is ready to sign on for another movie whenever it can figure out how actually to make one.

Spider-Man 4 is not officially listed as one of the MCU’s upcoming projects, making fans nervous that a fourth film might get canceled. Maybe the writers need to get a little less worried about No Way Home and more concerned about the future.

Why has Marvel not announced a fourth Spider-Man movie? Give us your theories in the comments below!

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