Smoking Officially Returns to Disneyland Park

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Disney smokes a cigarette in a featured image

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Things are changing at the Disney theme parks.

Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Paris
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The Walt Disney Company is known for innovating within the theme park industry, providing guests with some of the business’s best amusement park rides, attractions, shows, and restaurants. Guests can bet their Mickey Ears that they’re bound to have a magical time, whether visiting Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World or the original Disneyland Park in California.

Thankfully, this magic carries over to the international fleet of theme parks, with places like Tokyo DisneySea in Japan and Shanghai Disney in China considered some of the best Disney locations on Earth. Disneyland Paris in Chessy, France, has proven to be increasingly popular, boasting impressive financial results during 2023. More and more tourists are flocking to Disneyland Paris to experience all the resort offers, and there’s quite a bit to enjoy.

Disneyland Paris is unique in many ways. It features exclusive rides that guests can only find at the resort, like Crush’s Coaster and Avengers Assemble: Fligth Force. However, the resort’s rules and regulations are also different, with Disneyland Paris requiring guests to smoke in certain areas.

Guests ride the Storybook Canal Boats (Le Pays des Contes de Fées) in Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

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Much like Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the rest of the Disney theme parks, guests are asked to visit specific areas in the parks if they wish to smoke. However, the smoking sections at Disneyland Paris are far more detailed and themed than their American counterparts, with one area being completely remodeled over the last few weeks.

New images of the smoking section are being shared online by@DLPReport. Walls have been taken down in the area, allowing guests to retake their smoke break.

This location had been behind construction walls for quite some time, but it has finally returned. Guests can find this location near La Cabane des Robinson, the classic walkthrough attraction based on Swiss Family Robinson (1960) in Adventureland.

The Disneyland Paris Resort is undergoing significant changes, with several key areas of both Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Park being covered by construction walls. The European resort grew in a major way with the addition of Avengers Campus in 2022, which offered an immersive, action-packed land for fans of Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to enjoy. However, this was only the beginning, with Disneyland Paris continuing to change in major ways. The most notable changes are happening at Walt Disney Studios Park, which will soon be renamed as part of this large-scale refurbishment.

Soon, Walt Disney Studios Park will be gone, with the park set to become a brand new “adventure” for guests to experience. As part of this massive, multi-year transformation of Walt Disney Studios, the park will be renamed to Disney Adventure World, a far more fitting name considering the kind of rides and attractions currently offered.

The decision to overhaul Walt Disney Studios Park has not been popular among all guests. However, a group of outraged fans is demanding that Disney reverse these changes immediately. Some fans have even signed a petition that calls for Disney to reverse the changes already made to Walt Disney Studios and cancel the park’s upcoming name change.

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