Ron DeSantis Takes Drastic Action, Enforcing Communism for Certain Disney World Guests

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now enforcing communism on select Disney World guests after a new law has taken effect in the state of Florida. Here’s what you need to know.

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Select Disney World Guests to Begin Learning Communism in School Thanks to Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill mandating the inclusion of lessons on the history of communism in lower grades, including kindergarteners. The bill signing ceremony, held at the Hialeah Gardens Museum on the 63rd anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion, emphasized the importance of educating students about the dangers of communism.

Under the newly enacted legislation, the Florida Department of Education will develop standards for age-appropriate instruction on communism, covering topics such as economic upheaval and personal freedom restrictions observed in Communist regimes. Starting from the 2026-27 school year, students will learn about the threat of communism and the events leading to and following communist revolutions.

While high school social studies courses currently cover communism, the bill aims to introduce these lessons at an earlier stage. It also mandates 45 minutes of instruction on “Victims of Communism Day” in a required high school government class.

Stay with us as this does connect to select Walt Disney World guests.

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Despite bipartisan support for the bill, some Democrats expressed concerns about its implementation. State Representative Anna Eskamani questioned the measure’s effectiveness, citing past controversies over school book requirements and Black history standards.

Critics also worry about exposing young students to complex political concepts prematurely. In response, Governor DeSantis suggested a visit to the museum to provide context for understanding the significance of communism.

The bill’s passage reflects Florida’s commitment to educating students about political ideologies and historical events, ensuring they comprehensively understand the world around them.

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How This Affects WDW Guests in Florida

As guests flock to Disney World from within Florida and around the globe, they may encounter discussions or references to current events and local politics. One such initiative, the recently passed bill mandating the teaching of communism in schools, offers visitors a window into the broader context of conversations they might engage with during their trip.

Beyond the enchantment of theme park attractions, Disney World presents educational opportunities for guests with a keen interest in history or politics. Introducing initiatives like the new education bill can spark intriguing discussions and allow visitors to delve deeper into the state’s socio-political landscape. Engaging with locals or fellow travelers on topics beyond the realm of fantasy can enrich the experience of exploring Disney World.

For international visitors, understanding the cultural and political fabric of the places they visit contributes to a richer travel experience. Initiatives such as the bill mandating the teaching of communism in Florida schools offer insights into the state’s values, priorities, and historical context, providing visitors with a deeper appreciation for the destination they are exploring.

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While Disney World may seem like a world unto itself, it remains interconnected with the broader ecosystem of Central Florida. Legislative decisions and societal trends within the state can indirectly influence the experiences of visitors and the dynamics of the local community.

These impacts extend to various aspects, including tourism policies, infrastructure development, and the overall cultural atmosphere surrounding the theme park. The DeSantis Disney feud seems to have simmered, but with this bill, the Walt Disney Company could make another stance that would make the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” or the other bills and laws look like child’s play.

Disney allies will likely agree that this new law is controversial, and perhaps Disney CEO Bob Iger could make an official comment on this if it becomes the next big thing.

As visitors embark on their magical journey through Disney World, an awareness of the socio-political landscape of Florida adds layers of understanding and appreciation to their adventure, enriching their overall travel experience.

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