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A collage featuring Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on the left with a serious expression, overlaid against a colorful backdrop of a large, stylized red and yellow star with Disney World's iconic Cinderella.

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  1. Kungaloosh

    If you really want children in lower grades to have a more comprehensive education about the world around them, it seems hypocritical to mandate the teaching of communism but not Black history. It’s a transparently selective and politically motivated agenda.

    1. Luanna Sheridan

      Exactly! History repeats itself and if children don’t learn from past mistakes, they could very well repeat it.

    2. Joseph Birmingham

      Florida teaches black history. Floridian’s had issues with the fake black history that was being pushed on our children. Desantis fixed that and Florida teaches real facts about black history.

      1. Sherry Gleason


        1. JL

          Bull. DeSantis banned Black History in Florida Public Schools and Public Colleges. You are an example of people who are so narrow minded you’d believe the moon is made of cheese if DeSantis told you it was since you believe all the lies he feeds redhats 24/7.

      2. Well said!!!

      3. Kungaloosh

        What fake history was being pushed? It’s not like they were trying to show an abomination called Song of the South.

    3. yossarian22

      You are absolutely correct.

  2. Bren

    Sounds about right. Got to do something to drum up some patriotism again. Straight out of the 70’s curriculums. Because we are so “free” in the United States. We’re no more free than anyone else. We’re constantly monitored by cameras on light poles. You go to a grocery store, you have a few choices. Look up on YouTube Russian grocery stores, then you’ll see how held back we are. We send our money to other countries so they can fight “communists” while our own people suffer. We give the breaks to the rich, and we take from the poor. Yeah, sure, we’re free. And if you look up democracy, we are not a true democracy. How about we teach the real stuff, and quit teaching this political propaganda.

  3. Dan Fitzpatrick

    Communism, as an ECONOMIS SYSTEM, envisioned by Karl Marx, has never existed anywhere in the world. Communism, in its purest form, would have meant the creation of a classless society in which there would not be the great gap, that now exists, between the very rich, and the very poor. All in society would share, equally, in the economic benefits of society. The idea that everyone would “produce according to your ability and receive according to your need” has never existed. Nations that have called themselves Communist nations have never lived up to the meaning of the term as it was meant to be applied by Marx. In fact, Marx envisioned a world in which nations would cease to exist, and everyone would live in a communal society. The nations that have called themselves Communist were in fact autocratic nations usually controlled by one person as the leader (dictator), such as Joseph Stalin. It’s important to emphasize the economic conditions that prevailed in the world at the time of the late 1800’s when the ideas of socialism, and communism were created. The easiest way to explain this is to say watch the movie The Christmas Carol and look closely at the lives of Bob Cratchit and Ebeneezer Scrooge. When the Progressives in the United States such as Theodore Roosevelt arrived on the scene, they promoted the idea that government ought to pass laws that would not destroy capitalism but correct the abuses that had crept into that economic system with the growth of monopiles, and the reduction of competition, here in the US and elsewhere. It’s important to the understanding of any subject that the complete set of facts be presented. If the teaching includes omissions, and inaccuracies, then the lesson will indoctrinate, and not educate.

    1. Deby

      I agree with you 100%.

  4. yossarian22

    You are absolutely correct, Dan. I have a sneaky suspicion that DeSantis is instituting a curriculum that will have nothing to do with the teaching of Communism as a political philosophy, but just another attempt to indoctrinate children into the Regressive Right.

    1. Wokey Dwarf

      “Regressive Right”…two truer words were never spoken.

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