Hard-R ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ Footage Rips Into Feige and Disney

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Like Miley Cyrus, Deadpool came in like a wrecking ball as he crashed into the MCU in the debut trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine (2024). However, the newest reveal re-emphasizes the film’s R-rating and takes a massive dig at the House of Mouse in the process.

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Deadpool and Wolverine is already equipped with a tremendous amount of hype. Not only is Ryan Reynolds ridiculously involved in bringing the beloved Merc with the Mouth into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he’s also bringing the legendary Hugh Jackman into the fold by reprising his role as Wolverine. Marvel’s latest trailer for the feature finally gives us a taste of the action… along with six F-bombs right out of the gate.

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If we’re being entirely honest, the primary reason for the intense, stereotypical action movie trailer is to show that Jackman is still more than capable of bringing Wolverine to life, and he’s far from just being Old Man Logan at this point in his career. However, many viewers might be shocked at the reminder that this intensely violent and vulgar experience comes with full approval from Disney.

WARNING: The following video contains extensive profanity and graphic violence throughout. Viewer discretion is advised.

Deadpool and Wolverine Dig at Disney

There’s no denying that the new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine is fantastic, but it’s also surprisingly violent and vulgar for something released by Disney and Marvel without a red band warning. That said, it’s precisely what Deadpool’s fans have been craving since the previous installment.

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The upcoming film will officially tie the two lead characters into the MCU, which will have a sea of fans chomping at the bit. However, the trailer also has a surprising dig at both Marvel CEO Kevin Feige and Disney at the very end.

Can He Do That?

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Deadpool is no stranger to breaking the fourth wall, but calling out Feige is undoubtedly a first (and it won’t be the last). Karan Soni, Dopinder the Taxi Driver in the first film, shared with Collider that the upcoming movie will feature plenty of jokes at Feige’s expense.

Soni said,

“I can say that I think it’ll be really good, this movie, and from my little experience of my part of it, it’s definitely… Ryan’s taking full advantage of the MCU and playing with all the toys. It also feels like it’s coming at a perfect time for the MCU because it’s ready for a little bit of a shake-up, and he’s definitely shaking it up. And so I think like, this is great that it’s coming at this time, and they’re very willing to make fun of themselves, which is important. And I got to meet Kevin Feige, and I was surprisingly starstruck. I was a little bit like, oh my gosh, it’s him. Which I was surprised that I was. But it’s very cool to see those minds together. You know, him, Kevin’s obviously completely changed the industry, and then Ryan who’s such a genius, like them combining their power, it’s pretty exciting.”

Deadpool’s biggest selling point is how he absolutely demolishes the fourth wall, and that is certainly present in the latest trailer. The fact that both the Marvel CEO and Disney are ok with a blue streak of F-bombs but can’t abide the mention of cocaine is definitely one for the books.

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While Deadpool, the cast, and the fans might not “build a snowman” anytime soon, the Sacred Timeline is in for its biggest trip yet. Deadpool and Wolverine hits theaters everywhere July 26, 2024, and the MCU will be in for more than a few new shocks.

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