Fans are Having NONE of the Attacks on Disney World’s Transgender Evil Queen

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A performer dressed as the evil queen from disney's snow white, wearing a purple and black gown with a gold crown, stands dramatically in front of a red draped background, holding a red apple.

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In late April, a restaurant at Walt Disney World Resort’s Wilderness Lodge started getting A LOT of attention. But it wasn’t for the incredible prix-fixe menu that includes delicious options like Wild Mushroom Bisque, Royal Prime Rib Roast, and Fairy Tale Gooseberry Tart.

It also wasn’t for the incredible details that went into designing the dining area. Instead, it was for one of the characters that guests could meet from Disney’s legendary 1937 film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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At the end of the meal, guests can go and have a meet and greet with the Evil Queen. Now, if you have been to a Disney theme park and met the Evil Queen, then you know that she is sarcastic and absolutely fabulous. She is hilariously in love with herself, and each meet and greet is sure to be memorable.

However, one family had a memorable time, but for what they thought was a terrible reason. They reached out to That Park Place and accused Disney of hiring a transgender person to play the role. The family called themselves “Conservative Christians” and accused the cast member of being a “drag queen.”

A family has reached out to That Park Place claiming they spent over $300 on a character meet and greet dinner at Walt Disney World… only to discover the Evil Queen character was almost certainly a biological male. This represents the first time we’ve heard of Disney using a biological male to play an iconic biological female face character in the parks. 

The father of the family said that they demanded to speak to a manager, who informed them that the cast member playing the Evil Queen was a woman who was “so excited” to get the role. However, that wasn’t good enough for the father, who demanded to know if the cast member playing the Evil Queen was born a biological male. He said the manager could not answer the question.

While the family might have felt justified in their anger, Disney fans and those on social media thought they were crossing the line and were abhorred by their behavior.

Not engaging with that page but just wanted to say that Evil Queen is gorgeous and people should stop being icky and transphobic ok thanks! 👑

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Others pointed out that this is nothing new. Disney has been hiring cast members to play roles regardless of their gender for years. They also pointed out that men tend to have a bone structure that better fits with various villain roles.

This is literally nothing new lmao they hire based on skill and similar facial features and height to other actors/actresses. Having more defined cheekbones and a sharper jaw is big on hiring villainous roles because it matches the art more as well.

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Others made the very valid point that the Evil Queen is not a real person. The character was first in a fictional story and then created for the big screen by Walt Disney Animation.

Fun fact! The character of The Evil Queen is not a biological female! She has no chromosomes, gametes, hormones, or reproductive organs because she is a cartoon character 🙂

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Four years ago, Disney added a fifth key to its well-known “Four Keys” training system. That fifth key was inclusion, so cast members would feel welcome no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. Cast members were also allowed to start expressing themselves more freely by being able to show their piercings, style their hair differently, and even show tattoos.

Disney Cast Member Compliments Cross 1 Million
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Since then, Disney has frequently been accused of being “woke,” with some of the company’s more conservative fans wanting it to return to its “traditional” ways.

Disney, however, has continued to be as inclusive as possible, not only with its cast members, but also with its film and television production. Disney is creating more movies and television shows that feature a variety of families, relationships, and characters.

Do you think Disney should hire whoever best fits the role they need filled, regardless of gender? Let us know in the comments!

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