Indefinite Suspension of Disney Fireworks Shows Expected in One Month, Reports Say

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Disneyland Paris New Year's Eve Fireworks

Credit: Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris may be removing one of their most beloved fireworks shows after bringing it back due to popular demand.

Peter Pan, Rapunzel and Lumiere featured in the Disney nighttime show, Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris
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At Disneyland Paris or any Disney park worldwide, one of the most magical moments that guests can experience is the fireworks. While riding Haunted Mansion or Big Thunder Mountain may be exciting, the fireworks shows around the globe are made to stun every guest, from the music to the storytelling to the projections and, of course, the pyrotechnics.

The fireworks are one of the only times in the day that nearly every guest at the Disney park you are visiting will come together on Main Street, U.S.A. to witness the spectacle — that is why it is a little heartbreaking to hear that Disneyland Paris may be altering that experience.

Buzz and Woody in front of Castle of Magical Dreams
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Disneyland Paris experts Disneyland Paris Guest has scoured the internet to find that there are Facebook groups which are reporting that Disney Dreams, the current Peter Pan-led firework show on Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris, will be concluding on May 30th and will bring back Illuminations, which ended last April.

Initially, they did not believe this to be true, as Disney Dreams is a crowd favorite, but now, they are reporting, “We’ve got some insider information that this IS happening, but it’s not the full story. Stay tuned.”

In the comment section, Disneyland Paris Guest wrote, “Will there be two nighttime spectaculars: Dreams without pyro and Illuminations with pyro?” hinting that perhaps both shows will run. Still, Disney will remove the fireworks from Disney Dreams.

Right now, Disney does show the Main Street Electrical Sky Parade before Disney Dreams, which does not use any pyrotechnics, but it would be interesting to see what would happen if they were essentially running three shows each night but only keeping the pyrotechnics for one.

We do see some Disney parks do their shows without fireworks, so this is not totally out of the ordinary. For example, Disneyland Park in California typically uses fireworks on weekends, but weekdays only have the projection and music.

Fireworks will also be cut if the wind is too strong; this is because there is a large forest fire issue in California, and mixed with the dry climate, it is not a great idea to always shoot off fireworks each evening.

Coco fireworks during Pixar Fest at Disneyland
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World Resort, on the other hand, will always run Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom with fireworks. Interestingly enough, even when it is pouring rain, at some point in the evening, the fireworks will go off, even after guests have left, as Disney will have to empty the fireworks from their shooting point before the next day.

This would be one of many changes that Disneyland Paris is implementing into its parks. Luckily, Disneyland Park is not doing too much in terms of construction aside from the fact that The Disneyland Hotel, which is directly in front of the park, was just entirely redone. Walt Disney Studios Park, however, is about to undergo a massive change.

A bustling day at disneyland with visitors enjoying the view of the iconic fairy tale castle.
Credit: Leo Rod, Flickr

Firstly, the park is being renamed to Disney Adventure World, and as we are seeing with the changes to Studio 1, which is the entrance to the park and a massive sound stage, and the removal of the “on-set” look on the Aladdin attraction, the film studio theme is being peeled away from the park, with a more general adventure storyline coming in.

Studio 1 will close this month, removing a lot of the shopping and quick service dining from the park, but it will reopen with a new cinema look to it in a year. The park is also adding in World of Frozen which is currently under construction, as well as a new Tangled attraction. All of these changes are coming from a $2 billion+ budget that Disney CEO Bob Iger set out for the European parks.

Do you think that Disneyland Paris should change their nighttime fireworks show?

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