Disney’s Bold Move: Exclusive Park Days Announced Amid Guest Relationship Crisis

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Walt Disney World Resort continues to cater to a select group of guests as more exclusive days have been added to the park’s calendar. But is it enough to remedy a nearly-broken relationship?

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Disney World Adds More “Good-To-Go” Days for Passholders: Is It Enough?

Disney has introduced three additional ‘Good-to-Go Days‘ for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders in early May 2024. These dates include May 7, 8, and 9. During these designated days, annual passengers are granted entry to the theme parks without needing a reservation, applicable across all four Walt Disney World parks.

The current ‘Good-to-Go Days’ can be accessed via the Walt Disney World Passholder Admission Calendar. These reservation-free admission days encompass May 1, 7, 8, and 9, 2024. Disney has announced that ‘Good-to-Go Days’ will be periodically added, with releases expected days or weeks in advance.

Just to let you know, blackout days will be enforced based on the tier of the Annual Pass. Additionally, Annual Passholders retain the privilege to visit without a park reservation after 2 p.m., except when visiting Magic Kingdom Park on weekends, as blackout dates remain applicable.

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To utilize the Park Hopper benefit, Annual Passholders must secure a theme park reservation for their initial park visit and enter that park before accessing another. Alternatively, they may enter a theme park without a reservation on a “good-to-go” day for that park or after 2 p.m. (excluding Magic Kingdom on Saturdays and Sundays) before transitioning to another park.

With the rollout of ‘Good-to-Go Days,’ Disney discontinued the previous Bonus Days program, which permitted guests to make park reservations for a specific park without affecting their reservation allocation.

The addition of ‘Good-to-Go Days’ signifies Disney’s attempt to mend its strained relationship with Annual Passholders by offering them more flexibility and value for their investment. These exclusive days allow pass holders to access the theme parks without reservation, providing a sense of priority and convenience.

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By introducing more reservation-free days, Disney acknowledges the frustrations and challenges pass holders may have faced with the previous reservation system.

This move demonstrates Disney’s commitment to enhancing the Passholder experience and addressing their concerns, ultimately working towards rebuilding trust and loyalty among this crucial segment of its customer base.

Additionally, by discontinuing the Bonus Days program and replacing it with ‘Good-to-Go Days,’ Disney aims to streamline its offerings and ensure clarity and consistency in its Passholder benefits, further contributing to restoring a positive relationship with its pass holders.

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