Disney Cuts Entire Power Grid: Guests Abandoned on Coaster After Disorderly Woman Escapes

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Disneyland Space Mountain loading area

Credit: Disney

What would you do if you were gearing up to blast off on Space Mountain at Disneyland, when the entire Disney attraction suddenly stops and goes dark? That is exactly what happened to multiple Disney riders after a rampant guest decided to interfere with attraction operations.

A beautiful shot of Space Mountain located at California's Disneyland.
Credit: Disney

At Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, it is definitely normal for attractions to break down. Sometimes, they will break down for a few moments, and if you are on the ride, a message will play, alerting you that the ride vehicle has stopped and that it can start again at any moment. Sometimes, these breakdowns tend to be a little more on the serious side and guests will have to evacuate the ride vehicle entirely. 

What guests should never do is take matters into their own hands and attempt to control a ride themselves.

A recent conversation online has shared what could have been a very catastrophic event at Disneyland Park, and it has us worried about overall guest behavior at Disney.

The Disney guest who witnessed the incident started, “So we were in the space mountain car literally next to take off. We waited a while to get there too.”

Then, the story ramps up, “And this lady, for whatever reason, goes past the employee barricade along the track (right where it splits left or right way at the front) and starts like jogging towards something like she was looking for something or someone. The employee was yelling, LADY STOP! and tried to grab her while also hitting the big red button, which shut down the entire ride.”

Disneyland Space Mountain loading area
Credit: Disney

If a guest is in danger, Disney will do what they have to in order to keep others safe, like shutting down a ride. This is something we saw a lot during the pandemic when riders would remove their masks during the mask mandate rules. Disney cast members would halt Big Thunder Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and even Carousel of Progress if it meant correcting hazardous guest behavior.

The poster finished the story by noting that “They made everyone get up and leave even the people in line. This was around 8PM. The ride NEVER reopened the rest of the night. Another employee at a different ride said the resets and inspections take an hour and a half”.

The comments of the post are flooded with guests who were appalled by the guest’s behavior in the story, or their own accounts of this happening.

One guest had to leave Indiana Jones Adventure due to a lost cell phone, “Waited over 90 min. to do Indiana ride. Next in line to get on the ride and thing shuts down due to some chick that dropped her phone while filming the ride. You know cause it such a smooth ride and all.”

Another guest replied to a comment that stated, “that’s all it takes huh?” with, “Yup. A phone, ears, shoulder buddy, glasses, etc is all it takes. Especially if the item falls within the ride path. They can’t risk that item interfering with the vehicles and the way the track works and putting guests at risk.

If it falls outside the ride path and doesn’t inhibit the ride from safely continuing to operate, then they’ll most likely tell you patience is a virtue and you can collect your item after they close or if they go down and happen to evacuate later in the day. I watched a lady get very mad about her air pods but the CMs were like sorry, but we’re not shutting the whole ride down for that ”

A sign for Space Mountain in front of the ride building.
Credit: Disney

Recently, in Shanghai Disney, a child was actually pinned to the ground under a Zootopia: Hot Pursuit ride vehicle after he jumped out because his ears fell to the ground.

Some Disney fans pointed out that Universal found a better solution to the lost item problem by placing complimentary lockers outside of a majority of their attractions and also not allowing large baggage and loose articles on rides. That being said, we have seen guests at Universal jump out of the Tram Tour in Hollywood to retrieve a phone and out of the boat on Jurassic Park River Adventure for a lost hat. 

The lady who was seemingly running in a non-guest designated area while ignoring cast members calling her to stop may have received a lifetime ban from the parks. Choosing to endanger guests is against the rules of the Disney parks, and lately, we have seen Disney crack down on rule-breakers. At Disneyland, a man recently streaked on “it’s a small world,” not only receiving a ban from the parks but was also arrested. 

What guest behavior have you noticed at the Disney parks as of late? Do you think that things are out of hand? 


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