Disney Attraction Descends Into Mayhem, Guests Left Desperate After Genie+ Chaos

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This Disney Resort has overlayed two iconic attractions to feature new experiences set in the Star Wars universe. But so far, the experience seems to deliver lackluster results thanks to Genie+.

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Star Wars: Season of the Force Not So Strong for Guests at Disney Resort

Star Wars: Season of the Force is a limited-time event at Disneyland from April 5–June 2, 2024. The park is transformed into an interstellar playground with themed attractions, new food and merchandise, and unique entertainment offerings during this time. 

Season of the Force, a celebration of the Star Wars saga, has begun at Disneyland Park. Running from today through June 2 at Disneyland Park, Season of the Force will see Space Mountain’s iconic attraction transformed into Hyperspace Mountain, along with specially-themed food and beverage, merchandise, and more.

With the overlay commencing at Disneyland, Genie+ has seen an influx of guests purchasing the service to see this experience even quicker, which sometimes causes more problems and solutions.

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@ParksAndCons recently visited Disneyland Resort and found out that Genie+ was creating an influx of visitors buying out the service and causing a significant backup in guests wanting to get onto the ride.

Star Tours is one of two rides (the other being the “Hyperspace” overlay to Space Mountain) to get #SeasonoftheForce modifications. The ride features additions from Ahsoka, Andor & Mando. Unfortunately, we had to tap out after waiting 80 minutes & being only a little over halfway to the ride. The quoted wait when entering was 65 minutes, but the focus on majority Genie+ customers was making it it a crawl. We’ll have to try again on a non-work day where we can be here early.

– @ParksAndCons on X (Twitter)

The extended wait time, surpassing the initially quoted duration by 15 minutes, is a notable indicator of potential overcrowding at the attraction. This scenario could provoke frustration and discontent among visitors, who might perceive their time as undervalued.

Furthermore, the observation regarding the emphasis on “Genie+” patrons hints at a tiered system within the park, wherein those opting for supplementary services receive preferential treatment. This dichotomy may evoke sentiments of inequity among standard visitors who lack the financial means to access such additional privileges.

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For attendees, enduring an 80-minute wait only to progress slightly beyond the halfway mark in the queue can prove exceedingly disappointing and inconvenient. Such circumstances could result in time wastage and potentially tarnish the overall experience at the theme park. Moreover, the prioritization of Genie+ clientele and its consequential sluggish advancement in the line may detract from the ride’s enjoyment for all visitors. This phenomenon engenders a collective frustration, potentially overshadowing the excitement of encountering the ride’s modified features.

The notion of scheduling a revisit on a non-work day implies that individuals may need to arrange time off from their professional commitments to fully relish the attraction, free from the encumbrance of protracted wait times. This observation underscores the conceivable economic barriers hindering access to leisure pursuits, particularly concerning the inability of specific individuals to accommodate leisure activities within their weekday schedules.

The points above collectively depict a narrative of discontent and frustration stemming from overcrowding, unequal access, disappointment, and inconvenience. These factors can significantly impede the overall visitor experience at the theme park.

What are your thoughts on this Disney Resort having issues with its Genie+ service as guests attempt to milk it for the new Star Wars experiences?

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