Controversial Disney Penalty Continues Refusing Guests Entry

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Disneyland Railroad entrance to park

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If you are a Magic Key holder at Disneyland, you likely know of the “no show” policy that has been plaguing guests for years now. It seems that the policy and its consequences are here to stay.

Mickey's Fun Wheel and Incredicoaster on Pixar Pier at Disneyland Resort's California Adventure
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Ever since the pandemic, obtaining an Annual Passport or the now-named Magic Key for Disneyland Resort guests felt nearly impossible. For a while, sales were completely halted, and once sales resumed, it was only until availability disappeared. Since Magic Key’s returned, the passes have been available as a sort of “drop” system for sale, typically only lasting a day until passes were no longer available.

Like Walt Disney World Annual Passholders, guests with a Magic Key were and are still required to make a theme park reservation before coming to the park. The big difference between Disney World and Disneyland passholders is that at Disney World, you can cancel your theme park reservation at any time, and even if you do not and you don’t show up, nothing happens.

At Disneyland, Magic Key holders are penalized.

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Disneyland started implementing the Magic Key no-show policy in March 2022 following a six-month grace period, during which penalties for missing an advance reservation were not enforced, as confirmed by Disney officials.

Keyholders who fail to attend three reservations within a 90-day period will face a 30-day suspension from making new park reservations, starting the day after the third missed reservation. Existing park reservations will remain unaffected during this period.

Keyholders who cancel a Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure reservation by 11:59 p.m. on the day before their scheduled reservation date will not be marked as no-shows.

Below are the current tiers for Magic Keys for Disneyland Resort:

  • Imagine Key $499
  • Enchant Key $849
  • Believe Key $1249
  • Inspire Key $1649
Disneyland Railroad entrance to park
Credit: Disney

With so many guests paying over $1600 to visit Disneyland, even if you are paying at the highest tier, you will still be banned from the park for the 30 day period if you make a reservation that you do not show up for.

Initially, the reservation system was implemented to keep a strict capacity limit in place due to COVID-19, now that the pandemic has come to an end, it is interesting to see Disneyland refusing to allow for more leniency with these rules.

A Disney guest, Jeff Gordon, shared that today, on April 10, he was penalized for a “no show” date in January. Jeff stated that he forgot to cancel the reservation because his mother fell ill.

I got this at 4am today for a date in January that I forgot to cancel because my mom was sick

This is a good reminder that even if you did not get immediate notification of a “no-show” on your Disneyland app or email, Disney is very actively checking and will backdate each “no-show”, even if it has been months later.

We have been seeing the capacity for both theme parks flood, especially over spring break, so it seems that Disneyland does take unused reservations seriously due to their limited capacity. The odd thing, however, is that this capacity issue was never present pre-pandemic.

Unlike Walt Disney World, Disneyland’s crowd is far fewer tourists and a lot more local, and therefore, Magic Key holders. With so many guests and dedicated wallets falling into this category, it is interesting to see Disney punish them on such a grand scale. Because of the policy, social media is flooded with videos of guests walking into Disneyland minutes before closing just to scan in in order to not get the 30-day restriction.

Do you think Disneyland needs to rid itself of the notorious “no-show” policy? 







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