‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Director Dismisses MCU, Ignores Canon

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Marvel Studios is betting big on Deadpool & Wolverine saving the MCU, but director Shawn Levy seems to have a pretty dismissive attitude toward the canon.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in trouble since 2019 when Avengers: Endgame brought an entire saga to a close and made many fans wonder what was left to tell. Since then, the MCU has been in search of its new Iron Man and audiences have been increasingly not showing up to theaters for new movies.

Marvel chief Kevin Feige is making a big move to correct things: bring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine into the MCU and hope that shakes the canon up enough to reset.

Deadpool & Wolverine is the next great hope to keep the MCU going, even if it means adding some chaos to events. That means it also has to deal with “superhero fatigue,” whether or not Disney CEO Bob Iger thinks that’s real.

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A huge part of the problem that has beset Marvel Studios in recent years is the perception that seeing The Marvels (2o23) or Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023) requires too much background information.

Apparently, Shawn Levy doesn’t think his most recent film needs that (per AP News), saying: “I was a good student in school. I’ll do my homework as an adult. But I am definitely not looking to do homework when I go to the movies.”

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The director continued, “I very much made this film with certainly a healthy respect and gratitude towards the rabid fan base that has peak fluency in the mythology and lore of these characters and this world. But I didn’t want to presume that. This movie is built for entertainment, with no obligation to come prepared with prior research.”

For several years now, Marvel has been hit with the complaint that thirty-three films and numerous Disney+ shows in, going to see a new MCU project requires hours of character backstory and canonical events. As Shawn Levy put it, it can feel like a whole lot of homework just to know who Captain America is punching at any given moment.

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So it is not that surprising that Shawn Levy (who also co-wrote the film with Ryan Reynolds, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Zeb Wells) would be trying to push the idea that Deadpool & Wolverine will be an easy, breezy riff on the MCU, even if it requires dismissing the idea of canon as important.

It will be interesting to see how this attitude will unfold, given that the movie will also apparently be bringing back a number of actors and characters from the Fox X-Men movies in order to push Wade Wilson into the MCU, which is the exact kind of thing that casual fans don’t like.

Deadpool & Wolverine stars Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Emma Corrin, Morena Baccarin, Rob Delaney, Leslie Uggams, Karan Soni, and Matthew Macfadyen. It is scheduled for release in American theaters on June 26.

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