‘I Will Not Support It,’ Fans Call for Boycott Over Introduction of First LGBTQ+ Characters

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The children’s show Bluey has become internationally popular and a lightning rod for controversy. Unlike other shows, the Australian show tackles real-world issues like infertility, death, and miscarriages in a way children can understand.

The sensitive topics require families to watch Bluey together and discuss the issues, as the Heeler Family does in the show.

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It’s this bringing together of families that has made Bluey so popular. It started in Australia in 2018, but only a year later, the Walt Disney Company purchased its international rights to bring it to the world. It has since become the most popular show on Disney+.

The proof of Bluey’s popularity is in the numbers. The children’s television show’s latest episode, The Sign, had 10.4 million views in its first week on Disney+, making it the most-viewed Disney Junior show in history. 

Beyond its popularity, the show also introduces children to different types of families, including single parents and remarried parents. But with The Sign, Bluey may have introduced its first LGBTQ+ family.

The moment comes when Pretzel discusses his lost guinea pig with his friends. He briefly mentions his “moms.”

While the history-making moment only lasted a second, LGBTQ+ advocates are taking it as a significant victory, showcasing the love between two people and the LGBTQ community’s ability to be involved in parenting.

However, not all adults are thrilled with the show’s decision to include same-sex parents. Many took to X (formerly Twitter) to call for a boycott of the children’s television show.


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Overblown Controversy

Despite the controversy, one person took to the comment section to explain that viewers in America may be mistaken by what they heard on both sides of this issue.

Because the characters are from Australia, it is possible that most Americans misheard Pretzel’s reference to his “moms.”

X (formerly Twitter) user @MagicEmpress explained that in Australia and England, kids frequently refer to their mothers as “mums,” which is used as slang. The same is done with fathers, as children sometimes refer to them as “pops.”

It could also mean that Pretzel’s parents are divorced, and he has a stepmother. This would mean he has two mothers, but they are not married.

However, many positive comments thanked Bluey for finally including a same-sex couple in their world. Despite the calls for a boycott, Bluey will continue to be a fan favorite and a hit with Disney+.

The creators of Bluey have not officially said if it has introduced its first LGBTQ+ characters, so we will have to continue to guess for now.

What do you think about Bluey introducing a same-sex couple? 

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