Bloody Brawl Breaks Out in Line at Popular East Coast Theme Park

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Two blurred images of people in a crowded, covered outdoor area, suggesting motion or activity. the left image shows a group interacting closely, while the right image features a person extending an arm towards others.

Credit: @carolineccurtis

A bloody brawl broke out inside a popular theme park.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Credit: Busch Gardens

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A fight involving several guests broke out at Busch Gardens Williamsburg over the weekend, with a nearby guest capturing the shocking incident on camera. The video was recorded by a bystander and shared on X (Twitter) by @David_Xie on Sunday afternoon.

The video claims that a total of six different people all attacked one specific person.

According to a guest who witnessed the entire encounter, the fight started after one of the park’s attractions came to a stop. The man at the center of the attack was allegedly standing in front of the exit, blocking people who paid extra to wait in a shorter line. A woman who wanted to get off the ride after it shut down asked the man to move so she could pass, but he reportedly did not budge.

The woman proceeded to gently push him aside, which the man responded to with a punch. This is when the altercation turned violent, with the woman’s family attacking the man. A second video of the fight was shared by @carolineccurtis.

Several young men can be seen hitting the older man during the encounter.

SHOCKING VIDEO!! Things are getting wild at Busch Gardens today. I have video evidence of what happened at my favorite ride in the park. Summer of Love 2024 Edition

Caroline also shared an image of the aftermath, with the man in question being left with a bloody nose.

This is the result of the fight. I’m not posting the full video because I will not plaster the crying children that were in the video all over the internet.

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This is where the videos end, but it’s likely all the guests involved were taken into custody by theme park security for questioning. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is equipped with security cameras that monitor guest behavior, with eyewitness footage like the previously shared videos being key evidence in this situation.

Fights seem to be on the rise at all theme parks, not just Busch Gardens and other regional locations like Six Flags. While these places are typically more violent than Disney and Universal Studios, more incidents are starting to be reported on a consistent basis.

An intense altercation recently broke out on Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World, involving a screaming family. The incident was reported online, with the fight ruining the experience for dozens of guests.

Other recent theme park incidents include a content creator who went viral after being kicked out of both Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World Resorts in a matter of days.

Stay tuned here for updates on this developing story. 

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