Confirmed: Disney Adds New Restriction to Parks, No Longer Allowed Inside

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When guests visit Disney World, or any of the Disney parks around the globe, they are entering private property, which means that there are rules and regulations that guests must adhere to if they want to enter the theme park.

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Now, one item has been added to the list of restricted and banned objects that guests are not allowed to use in the parks.

Before guests can enter a Disney park, they will have to undergo security, where they will be scanned and at times, have their bags checked. In the recent past, we have seen Disney security increase their strictness when it comes to items that are not allowed to be used in the park, not even allowing guests to enter and keep it stored. This specifically happened with one guest who was looking to bring in podcast microphones, as it violated the commercial filming rules that the park has in place.

Another rule that often gets broken it the dress code rule. At Disney, guests must dress in such a way that is not overly revealing or provocative, nor can they have profanity or vulgar photos on their clothes. There are other rules when it comes to clothing, including no costumes for guests over 14 (unless it is a Halloween party), but the previously listed issues seem to be the more common rule break. When a cast member sees this upon a guest trying to enter the park, they will alert the guest that they will have to change before they can enter the park.

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One item that guests cannot use in the parks is a selfie stick, and now another item has been added to the list.

As we recently reported, the new Apple Vision Pro, the augmented reality headset, is not allowed in the parks.

Recently, one guest brought the Apple Vision Pro into Magic Kingdom. He was not stopped by security and shared tons of footage of him using it while walking down Main Street, U.S.A. as well as in front of Cinderella Castle. Eventually, however, Disney security stopped the guest and told him that he was not allowed to wear the Apple Vision Pro in the Disney parks.

The technicality that Disney got the guest on was that the Apple Vision Pro acted as a mask, which violates their no-costume rule; however, the guest services cast member stated that since the product is so new, they are unsure of its safety in the parks as of now. The Apple Vision Pro is entirely see-through, but with its new technology, it seems Disney is looking to protect its guests and think through all of the effects that the headset can cause within the parks, before allowing it to be used. You can watch what happened during the guest’s experience at Disney, here.

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In the future, it is possible that Disney will potentially change its ruling when it comes to the allowance of the Apple Vision Pro in the parks, but at the moment, Disney security has been notified that guests cannot wear the headset while in Disney.

With the new ban, it seems some fans are even poking fun at the fact that the Apple Vision Pro headset is not allowed in the parks, creating a “dupe” version that theoretically is allowed in the parks (as Disney has not noted otherwise). We can see below that Disney creator Jojo Crichton shared a comical video of him with duck-taped goggles on, resembling the Apple Vision Pro, trying to pull the sword from the stone.

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While the item may be banned at Disney, Disney certainly has ensured that they are closely related to the development within the Apple Vision Pro, specifically with Disney+ capabilities. 

Disney stated, “Beginning February 2, fans will be able to experience Disney’s iconic stories like never before with Disney+ on Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s revolutionary spatial computer, offering Disney+ subscribers with a Vision Pro device a new way to stream entertainment at no additional cost.

Apple Vision Pro
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“At Disney, we’re constantly searching for new ways to entertain, inform, and inspire by combining exceptional creativity with groundbreaking technology to create truly remarkable experiences,” said Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company. “Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary platform that will bring our fans closer to the characters and stories they love while immersing them more deeply in all that Disney has to offer. We’re proud to once again be partnering with Apple to bring extraordinary new Disney experiences to people around the world.”

Disney may want to be in partnership with Apple, but that partnership clearly has some limits.

At the moment, it is unclear as to what the protocol will be for guests entering with the Apple Vision Pro in regard to whether they are allowed to bring it in and just not use it, or if they will be asked to leave, put it away, and then return to the theme parks. For those looking to visit, it would be a safer bet to just leave the headset at home.

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For a full list of prohibited items at Disney World, take a look at the official list below: 

  • Firearms, ammunition, knives and weapons of any kind.
  • Self-defense or restraining devices (e.g., pepper spray, mace).
  • Marijuana (including marijuana enriched products) or any illegal substance.
  • Objects or toys that appear to be firearms or weapons.
  • Fireworks or other similarly explosive and/or flammable objects, smoke machines or fog machines.
  • Alcoholic beverages, except at the Disney Resort hotels. Wine may be brought in to Disney Springs to be consumed at select table service restaurants only, corkage fees apply.
  • Glass containers (excluding small containers such as baby food jars), except in the Disney Resort hotels.
  • Horns, whistles, large megaphones or artificial noise makers.
  • Recreational devices such as drones, remote-control toys, skateboards, scooters, inline skates or shoes with built-in wheels. Bicycles are permitted only in designated Disney Resort areas.
  • Strollers that are greater than 31″ (79 cm) in width and 52″ (132 cm) in length. Stroller wagons are also prohibited.
  • Wagons are prohibited at any theme park or water park. Wagons are prohibited at indoor venues at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.
  • Any trailer-like object that is pushed, pulled or towed by an Electric Conveyance Vehicle, wheelchair, stroller or person.
  • Wheeled mobility devices with less than 3 wheels or devices that cannot maintain stability and balance when stopped, unpowered and/or unoccupied. Training wheels and/or modifications are not permitted. Devices must be manually or electrically powered and operated at a walking pace. Devices should be single rider and not exceed 36″ (92 cm) in width and 52″ (132 cm) in length.
  • Suitcases, bags, coolers or backpacks, with or without wheels, larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm) are not allowed in any theme park or water park. Loose or dry ice is not permitted in these containers. Re-usable ice packs are recommended.
  • Folding chairs are not allowed in any theme park, water park, or at Disney Springs.
  • Selfie sticks, hand-held extension poles for cameras or mobile devices, flags and banners are not allowed in any theme park or water park.
  • Tripods or monopod stands that cannot fit inside a standard backpack or that extend over 6’ (182 cm) are not allowed in theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, or ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.
  • Balloons are not permitted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (Kidani Village and Jambo House).
  • Plastic straws are not permitted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, water parks or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (Kidani Village and Jambo House).
  • Non-Coast Guard approved flotation devices or swim noodles at any water park.

Do you think that the Apple Vision Pro deserves to be banned from the Disney parks? 

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