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  1. Denise

    Question: who hurt you?

  2. Brytta Fitzgibbons


  3. Shaggygorilla

    Are you sure your not a sheep because you do sound like one because the anti woke is cry as much as the woke do so both sides are acting like there right or the victim 🤔

    1. Nia

      What , woke where

      1. Shaggygorilla

        For me it woke and the far right mostly means people who think people should do what they say because it’s right but life is full of different shades of gray and shapes different

  4. Glitch

    Amazingly, that’s exactly what a sheep would say

    1. Shaggygorilla

      Lol never said I wasn’t but everyone is a sheep one way or another

      1. Nia

        Not everyone is a sheep

        1. Shaggygorilla

          Ever is to a point there just in a different flock

  5. Cynthi D. Morrison

    Security at Disney Springs check in routinely ask guests in wheelchairs,
    “Can you walk?” I find the inwuiry into protected health information just to go get the best burger ever!@ Cookies…to be RUDE OFFENSIVE AND A VIOLATION OF MY PRIVACY RIGHTS. Disney brainwashes it’s workers
    into believing the questiin is NOT MEDICAL! ISupervisors Orlando from NY and his co supervisor from Cuba hemmed me up in the “welcome” center over school break and threatened to deny future entry into the park for not ANSWERING! Even if I submitt to bag and body search including leaning firward so some male guard can view my BACKSIDE in the wheelchair! How many INSULTS can a diffrently-abled lady endure?!! Got it on tape! See you in court Disney my love! Asked you to stop a gazzilion times! Full Sail Creat Writing major..Cynthia D. Morrison

    1. Jim

      Oh cut me a break and stop getting offended.
      Disney does a great job especially what they have to deal every day ….PEOPLE WHO THINK THERE ENTITLED

      1. Marie

        Sounds like you’re the one who thinks they’re entitled. Probably treat people like crap too. Stop whining.

    2. Reverend Randolph Zimmer

      You go get them good for you

  6. Kris

    Only a matter of time before Disney starts using the technology in the parks themselves 🤷‍♀️

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